Your phone needs somewhere to go other than your pocket or the bottom of your bag. That’s the beauty of a phone stand! It is there to hold onto your device when you just want to be hands-free.

How does this mobile accessory work? Why should you use one? Take a break from all that texting to learn the facts!

It may never have crossed your mind, but having a specific place to put your phone or tablet every day can make your life easier.

– Brandt R., author for Business Insider

What Are Phone Stands?

Phone stands are small objects that are used to prop up your mobile device. They are designed to sit on a hard surface, like a table or desk, so you can watch funny videos, scroll through pics, and ultimately, keep your phone clean and safe.

What Are the Different Types of Phone Stands?

Phone stands come in many different colors and styles, from weird and quirky to sleek and practical. Your options include:


Perhaps nothing is trendier than a cool PopSocket on the back of your phone. You can find one in any style, whether it’s tie dye, marble, or covered with cats in space.

Stress Toys

These fun cell phone stands are full of personality and squishiness. Your phone will be nice and cushioned, so you don’t have to worry about any scratches or scuff marks.


Rings are kind of like the PopSocket’s classier cousin. You can prop up your device if you want to watch Netflix, and grip onto the convenient holder if your hands are full.


Put your phone stand safely away for later. A folding option is pocket-sized and easy to carry around if you’re always on the go.


Store your phone in a designated stand that sits on your desk. That way you can stop texting and keep focused until your next break.


Some stands either suction to your phone or are held on via adhesives. These holders are super easy to remove if you want to switch it up in the future.

Auto Mount

Keep your hands off the phone while you’re behind the wheel! An auto mount holds onto your device, which is handy if you need to use the GPS or listen to the latest tunes.


Display your phone like a beautiful work of art. A small easel keeps your phone right where you can see it and makes a fun piece of home décor.

You want to find a phone stand or holder that’s durable and strong. The styles above can be made from any of these materials!

Hard Plastic

Soft Plastic





Choose a stand or holder that works best for your budget and sense of style. Either way, you’ll be happy to have a designated place for your trusted cell phone!

How Can You Use a Phone Stand?

People are attached to their phones, which means a stand or holder can be used everywhere – in your car, your bedroom, at work, and even in line at the grocery store!

Here are all the situations where a phone stand or holder comes in handy.

Working on Multiple Projects

Are you a professional or student with a lot of projects to tackle? A phone stand makes it easy for you to look at two devices at the same time.

Using the Bathroom

It may be gross, but a lot of people use their phone on the toilet. This inspired a woman named Anna Brewer to create the Wallabox, a phone holder that fits right on the wall in public bathrooms.

Driving in Your Car

A phone mount keeps your device in view, while at the same time keeping your hands on the wheel. Play your Spotify playlist and follow the GPS without any trouble.

Going to Sleep

Watch your videos in bed by connecting a holder directly to your headboard. It’s a great solution if you don’t have a television or want to listen to a podcast while nodding off to sleep.

Working in the Kitchen

You can use a phone holder to watch a video while scrubbing those pots and pans or to follow a recipe next time you want to try a new dish!

Getting Groceries

You need to be hands-free to push a cart around the store. A holder on the handle makes it easy for you to look at your grocery list without bumping into people.


Hit your next hole-in-one without worrying about your phone! It will be safe and sound in a phone mount that attaches to your golf cart.

Mowing the Lawn

A phone stand makes it easy for you to watch YouTube while cutting the grass. Your neighbors are going to be so jealous!

You won’t have to worry about setting your phone on the ground or having it fall out of your pocket. There’s a stand or holder for almost every situation!

What Are the Benefits of Using a Phone Stand?

A stand keeps you organized and gives your hands a break. It can do a lot for your phone’s safety and cleanliness and even more for your comfort and productivity.


It can be exhausting holding your phone up to watch a video. In fact, a smartphone can weigh up to 0.3 pounds! Your arms and neck will thank you if you keep your device on a stand.


A stand or holder is especially important when you’re on the road. An alarming 1.6 million crashes happen every year due to cell phone use. Put your phone away until you can safely look at it later.


You shouldn’t look too much at your phone while at work or school. This can cause up to five hours of lost productivity. A stand keeps your phone out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on the task at hand.


You will have less clutter on your desk if your phone is in its own spot. Now you don’t have to worry about misplacing it under notebooks, folders, and other office supplies.

Whether you’re an Android or iPhone person, you can get a lot from using a phone stand. Add this useful mobile accessory to your wish list!

Why You Should Advertise with Phone Stands

A study by the University of Texas at Austin found that smartphones demand our attention even when they’re not in use. People are always thinking about their phones, which means mobile accessories will attract their attention, especially if they come from a brand they know and love.

This holds true for non-profits, Fortune 500s, or anyone else who has a need to advertise. You should offer a variety of promotional products for business, but mobile accessories are a real winner for a number of reasons.

Here are the facts:

  • 92.8% of U.S. mobile phone users owns a smartphone.
  • The market for mobile accessories is expected to reach $107.3 billion by 2022.
  • 91.5% of people feel uneasy leaving their phone at home.
  • 45% of smartphone owners accidentally damage their phones at some point. A phone stand, case, or holder gives them a safe place to put their device.
  • People touch their phones on average 2,617 times per day.
  • 76.5% of people admit to being addicted to their cell phones.
  • 70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices. It’s easier to watch those videos if you can do it hands-free.
  • 47% of people say they can’t live without their mobile device. They will bring it to work, school, and everywhere in between.

Phone stands with a cool design are great giveaways for fundraisers, trade shows, or just as fun accessories to sell in your store or gift shop. It’s definitely worth making this merch part of your marketing strategy.

Do you need customized phone stands? Reach out to the team at Quality Logo Products®!

The Bottom Line

Your phone is never going to leave your side, which is why you can’t go wrong with a cool phone stand! It will keep your device safe, clean, and ready for that next funny video or Netflix original.


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