What Is Rush Pricing, and Why Do We Want It?

When browsing, you see products that have rush pricing. It may be a little on the confusing side. What is this, and why do we want it? In a way, it’s pretty straight forward. Rush pricing is just what it sounds like, an optional price you can pay to have your order rushed ahead of others’ orders.

The more confusing part is wondering what is being rushed. Is it the manufacturing of the product that’s being rushed, is it the imprinting that’s being rushed, or is it the delivery that’s being rushed? Also, you might wonder if the quality is affected by rushing your order.

The delivery stays the same, so that answers that question. It’s actually the imprinting that is being rushed. When you place your order, there is a standard amount of time it takes to produce your order (imprint them all and get them packaged up and ready to go). That’s the production time. If your order is rushed, the production time is shortened because they begin producing it right away, placing other orders on hold. It’s almost like a line jump, you could say.

To answer the question about quality being affected by rushing your order, the answer is no. The quality of your order will always be top priority. Rushing your order doesn’t mean rushing through the production process of your items; it simply means jumping ahead and starting production on your order sooner. Sales reps can help by estimating when your delivery will arrive, and walking you through the entire process.

Rush orders are very helpful when you find out on short notice that you need to purchase your promotional products for an upcoming event that’s just around the corner. Just remember that if you place an order with a two-day rush, it isn’t going to get to your door two days later. It only means that your order will be produced in two days. The delivery time varies based on which warehouse the items are coming from, and where the order is being delivered to. Nevertheless, feel free to take full advantage of our rush options we have available, they’re there to help you and many of them are offered at no additional charge.

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