What’s Your Trade Show Kryptonite? | Irresistible Promotional Items That People Want

Whether you attend trade shows to share your products and services with others or you attend to make new connections in the business world, you have to notice the array of promotional items being given away. The value of promotional products is in the eye of the beholder – not every trade show attendee gravitates toward the same items.

I’ve noticed that there are several types of promo items that I NEVER FAIL to grab, even if my bag is full! Here are a few of my favorite giveaway freebies at trade show booths:

Stadium Cups

My kitchen cabinets are full, but I still compulsively grab imprinted stadium cups when I see them. You can never have too many cups, right? Well, that’s what I always tell myself, anyway… Like most people, I reuse stadium cups, and I own cups with many different companies’ information printed on them. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone to my cabinet and looked at a stadium cup for an important phone number instead of Googling it or getting the phone book. Seriously! I can’t be the only one that holds on to these – believe me when I say that PEOPLE LOVE PROMOTIONAL STADIUM CUPS! Some companies even give away mood stadium cups, which is even better.

Fun Promotional Items

Perhaps you and I don’t share the same idea of “fun.” Regardless, I really enjoy seeing companies give away colorful and interesting items – especially if they provide me with some sort of entertainment! My favorite fun trade show items are bouncy balls, frisbees, and of course, stress balls. These types of items have a way of hanging around my house, my car, and even at work! I just can’t get enough fun in my life, I suppose.

Practical Promotional Products

If I can use it to make things easier for myself or to organize my life somehow, then you can be sure I’ll be first in line to grab one from your trade show booth! I have seen some of the busiest booths with flashlight keychains and sunglass clips, which come in very handy. Do you want to stray from the norm and give people something they’ll really love? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but a colorful luggage spotter usually does the trick. If you want to be INSANELY popular at trade shows, you could also opt for portable mini-fans…people will love you for it!

Personalized Pens

It’s true that promotional pens are staples at any trade show booth, so having them around may not automatically make people bolt to you. However, how often do you grab handfuls of custom pens when you see them lying around? Furthermore, how often do you stick those pens into your purse or coat pocket, only to pull them out when you need them and use them over and over again? That’s what I thought. Printed pens are, and always will be, the most popular promotional tools that money can buy. And there’s no denying that people love to snatch them up whenever they can! Check out a couple of my favorites, The Contender Pen and the Bic Clic Stic Pen, if you want high quality pens for a low price.

Which promotional items are your trade show kryptonite? Do you feel that this list should be supplemented? Let us know!

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Jill Tooley

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  1. ASneed

    Nice post Jill! =)

    I like getting free pens and calendars best! And small flashlights are always nice to keep in my purse too.

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