When the Winter Wind’s a-Whipping, Warm up with Branded Attire!

Winter’s harsh cold is now upon us, and even those last few stragglers who tried to avoid wearing a coat have fallen victim to the shivers and chills that numb a person straight to the bone. Not only is everyone wearing coats, but most of us are now diving head-first into that ungodly pile of miss-matched winter attire that resembles something not unlike Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat, and digging like a mole to find last year’s scarf, gloves and stocking cap.

In areas like the Midwest, we walk around looking like hare-brained fools out of an edition of Us Weekly’s “Fashion Police” because we never prepare for what we hope to God never comes again. Sure enough though, it comes, every year. We can’t avoid it, but we always try.

As an employer, what can you do about employees’ disheveled winter apparel?

If your employees are walking into work looking like they just crawled out of a Jim Henson special, perhaps it’s time to introduce a dress code. No, I don’t suggest you require them to wear ties and vests, and I certainly don’t mean to chase people down with a ruler if they forgot to tuck their shirt in before stepping out of the restroom! My suggestion lies more in the outerwear department.

I’m suggesting that you, as a businessowner or an executive, arrange to have uniform winter coats, scarves, hats, and/or gloves customized with your company logo. This will keep your employees warm while also giving them a more professional appearance and gaining exposure for your brand name.

If you own a carpentry company, an electrical company, or any other type of outdoor-related service company, then customized winter clothing is a great idea. You have to give a little to get a lot, and this is a solid example of that. Having uniform work attire for the winter weather will not only make your employees look and feel better, but it’ll also give your whole company a better appearance. Coordinated jackets or coats give your clients more confidence in you, and it also helps them to feel that your employees have credibility and knowledge in what they say and do.

And where can you find inexpensive corporate clothing that coordinates well in wintry weather?

At Quality Logo Products, of course! We have many warm apparel options to choose from, including fleece clothing and embroidered coats and jackets, and you can choose from multiple types of imprints to suit your needs! Many of our personalized clothing items offer embroidery, screen print, and pad print.

So, to simultaneously please your workers and your customers with an investment that will literally last for years, all you need is customizable winter apparel. Not only is coordinated business attire a worthwhile investment, but it’s also affordable for any business because of all of the available options. What is your favorite type of promotional corporate apparel? Do you have any specific company attire that has worked for your business? Let us know by responding below! Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog.


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