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Which of These Wedding Favors Would YOU Rather Receive at a Reception?

As you know, promotional products serve many purposes, and wedding favors factor into one of those purposes. More and more brides are shopping at Quality Logo Products® for their guests’ “thank you” gifts, and many are imprinting them with the wedding date or other information that reminds family and friends of the special day. I’ve seen interest in a wide variety of promotional items as far as wedding favors go, so I thought I’d showcase some of them in this blog and ask for your opinions!

So, take a look at my selections and tell me which type of promo item you would rather receive at a wedding! (You can click on the pictures to get more information about individual items).

Choice #1: STRESS BALLS (featured: Bride Stress Ball, Groom Stress Ball, and Heart Stress Ball)

Everyone loves stress relievers…right? If you walked into the reception hall and found a customized stress ball waiting for you, would you be disappointed or thrilled? Many couples choose to imprint stress balls as wedding favors because they’re fun, but a lot of guests would rather have something more practical.


Choice #2: PERSONALIZED BARWARE (featured: Acrylic Shot Glass, Beer Mug, and Wine Glass)

I still own several personalized shot glasses from weddings I’ve attended, and I think they make awesome favors. However, I have heard other guests complaining about them (example: “But I don’t drink, so what am I going to do with this?”). A beer mug or a wine glass would also make the wedding memorable, and they may prove a bit more useful for non-drinkers.


Choice #3: APPAREL (featured: Dark Cotton T-Shirt, Dark 50/50 Blend T-Shirt, and Hooded Sweatshirt)

Custom clothing is also becoming more popular for wedding favors, so I wanted to feature some common choices for you to peruse. Printed t-shirts or hoodies in your wedding colors would probably please most people, and guests would probably wear them a lot (even if they just become a designated pajama top). There is one obvious con with personalized shirts, though: you’d have to find out exactly which invited guests would be attending AND their sizes prior to ordering!


Choice #4: PRACTICAL ITEMS (featured: Koozie Cooler, Tote Bag, and Reusable Water Bottle)

This category is a bit more diverse! TONS of brides choose to customize can koozies as wedding favors because they come in so many different colors, and eco-friendly tote bags and sports bottles are ranked highly as well. What would you think if one of these promotional products was printed with your cousin’s wedding date and given to you at the reception?


Choice #5: EDIBLE GIFTS (featured: Skittles Packets, Mint Dispensers, and Chocolate Squares)

Edible favors have proven to be popular wedding gifts, too. Personally, I’m torn on personalized candies and chocolates. Candy is more of a crowd-pleaser, but guests won’t have anything with which to remember your wedding date after the reception! Does that matter to you?

So, which of these wedding favor choices would you rather receive at a reception – and why? Let me know your responses by commenting in the box below – I’d love to read your feedback! Oh, and if you need help with wedding planning, be sure to check out my favorite resource, The Knot. Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products® blog and I can’t wait to see what you think. 🙂


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  1. Juliette

    I think my personal favorites might be the personalized shot glass or wine glass. 🙂

  2. Vanessa

    I like the practical items. It’s fun b/c they stay around for awhile and you can always remember how you got it.

  3. Claudette

    I like the shot glasses, but I have too many things around the house already. I think I’d go for the chocolate!

  4. Lizzie

    Great post, Jill. I have a friend doing the personalized barware idea and she loves it. I think edible gifts seem to be the most affordable though…so I vote: edible.

  5. Jen

    I prefer the edible wedding favors, like the little candy tins and the chocolate bars. I like how it is small and easy to transport home after the wedding and they don’t create clutter. I’ve gotten candles, shot glasses and champagne flutes from weddings, and honestly I never use any of it. They just collect dust on a shelf. With the edible favor, I can enjoy it and not worry about where to store it for the next ten years.

  6. QLP Jill

    Thank you SO MUCH for all of your opinions! The majority of you seem to like edible favors the most. I can’t decide which promo item I’d rather receive; it would be nice to have a keepsake, but at the same time (like Jen mentioned) those tend to collect dust on shelves or eventually get broken. Hmmmmm…I guess it’s ultimately up to the bride and groom to decide what would be best for their guests!

  7. Pritcher

    This is drastically better than the other poor quality junk I read…

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