Which Promotional Item Should I Buy for My Marketing Campaign?

Are you planning a promotional giveaway, a company picnic, or a special event? Do you need promo items for the occasion? Are you confused about which promotional product would be right for your event? NEVER FEAR! Quality Logo Products is here to make sure you get the help you need with your advertising efforts!

A promotional magic answer ball can only give you so many answers you seek! Although there isn’t a sure-fire method to determine that perfect giveaway item, you should definitely consider the following before you make any decisions:

Target Demographic

Who are you trying to reach with your marketing efforts? Once you figure out your target audience, it will make your promo item decision easier. If you run an insurance agency and you’re marketing to car owners, then you may want to consider car-related promotional items, such as a roadside emergency kit, a CD visor, or an air freshener. Or, if your promotion needs to make a big splash, you could also consider vibrating car stress balls or a car sun shade!


Is your business already established, or are you just beginning your company? If you have a modest starting budget, then buying hundreds of personalized leather briefcases may not be a wise choice! However, if you have more dough to work with, you have a bit more freedom. It’s a fact that you need to spend money to make money, but you shouldn’t completely drain your life savings on promo items that could end up sitting in storage between promotions!


Does your company already have a slogan or image to present to clients? Your promotional products should usually remain consistent with your existing efforts; for example, you wouldn’t want to tarnish your squeaky-clean professional image by customizing a wacky product that some may consider unusual or offensive! If you do choose to bend the rules a bit, use your best judgement to determine how it will be perceived by your prospective customers and existing customers. There’s nothing wrong with an attention-grabbing promotional product (like a buttocks stress reliever) as long as you keep everything organized and consider all outcomes!


How are you planning to distribute your promotional items? By mail? In person? Remember that the size and the shape of your promo items can restrict how you give them away! Thinner items like calendars or magnets could be easily mailed, and even light items like pencils or pens could be put into an envelope…but large, bulky items like logo apparel or travel mugs are best left for in-person distribution (like at trade shows, conventions, or expos!). Only you can best determine your audience, so be sure to consider all factors before buying a promotional product you can’t use!

Do you have any more methods to determine which promotional products to buy? Do you have any questions about trade show giveaways, company gifts, or promo items? Let us know! You can contact the experts at Quality Logo Products by emailing us at, by calling us at 866-312-5646, or by replying to this blog post! Thanks for reading the QLP blog, and have a great day!


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