Promotional Products in Action: Whistle Key Lights Given as Gifts in Africa

What do promotional products have to do with fishing? A lot, actually. Promo items aren’t exclusively given out at trade shows or in direct mail campaigns; they can be used as prizes and gifts, too! The lovely Whistle Key Light with Compass was recently given away as a prize, and we’d love to tell you about them.

A Whistle Key Light with Compass was given to each African fishermen who completed a training course in water survival and well-being. Each fisherman who finished the course was given both a certificate and a Whistle Key Light with Compass! The photo on the right shows the imprint we put on the whistle key lights.

I don’t know about you, but I think these African fishermen deserve a round of applause for completing an undoubtedly difficult course! Graduates will remember the training they completed whenever they use their little Whistle Key Lights and Compasses, which is yet another example of the power of promotional products. If you don’t want to believe me when I tell you that promo items make awesome gifts, then you don’t have to; use “Promotional Products in Action” posts like this one to see for yourself!

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  1. Whacko Jacko

    This is definitely a memorable giveaway, but don’t you think the US government could have ordered one less golden toilet seat for Barack and given these guys a mag-light instead?

  2. Melissa S.

    It’s cool to see gifts like this once they’re all customized! Thanks for the info and the pictures.

  3. Joe

    Great post!

  4. Jana

    That rocks! It’s nice to see the products in action.

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