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A padfolio is a useful accessory for more than just a job interview. In fact, padfolios are versatile enough for nearly anyone. Even Lisa Frank made padfolios for kids during their popularity in the 1990s!

Using a padfolio isn’t limited by profession or age, because we can all use one for just about anything. Learn about who can use a padfolio and how they keep you organized!

Who Can Use a Padfolio?

The short answer is anyone can use a padfolio. You don’t have to be a business professional attending a meeting to need an accessory to keep you organized. Anyone who needs something to carry a notebook, tablet, a pen. and other small items like a USB drive can use a padfolio.

These are just a few people who can benefit from using a padfolio:

  • Teachers and Professors
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Event Planners
  • Interviewees
  • Business Travelers
  • Students

Teachers and Professors

College professors and elementary school teachers alike are accountable for large numbers of students and a variety of subjects. It can be time-consuming to keep projects organized, especially with multiple classes. Padfolios are also great for bringing papers home to grade or for keeping track of attendance!

Tip: Teachers and professors can use padfolios as prizes for students during study sessions, or end of the year accomplishments. Add the school’s logo to the front cover for spirit week giveaways or for extracurriculars like math or debate team.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions must keep confidential information like loans and investments safe and organized. You wouldn’t want your private information getting misplaced or end up in the wrong hands! Padfolios can be super helpful and make it easier to carry these documents to meetings.

Tip: When you get a new client, give them a padfolio with your company name on it as a welcome gift. Fill it with introductory papers or brochures, along with your business card. They’ll appreciate a practical and professional gift they can put to good use!

Event Planners

Planning events requires a lot of organization, scheduling, and coordination to ensure everything falls into place. Event planners can benefit from having a padfolio handy to keep track of the details. If you’re stressed, chances are your clients will be too! Keep a planner, business cards, and guest lists all in one place with a well-organized padfolio.

Tip: If you’re planning a wedding or large event, give your client their own padfolio with all the details you’ve planned. This not only helps you look more professional, but can ease stress for your client leading up to the event. You can also have your own padfolio with additional notes or to-do lists.


Making a good first impression during an interview is an important part of landing a new job. Looking professional and put-together is easy when you have a padfolio! Keep copies of your resume or work samples inside, along with scratch paper to take any notes.

Tip: Most padfolios have several spots for business cards. An easy way to stand out in a pool of candidates is to have your own business cards that include a link to your website or LinkedIn. Store your business cards inside your padfolio and hand them out at the end of your interview.

Business Travelers

Jobs that require travel also require a certain level of organization to make sure you have everything you need for meetings out of town. Padfolios are great for travelling because they can keep sensitive documents like your passport secure, or safely store your presentation notes for when you’ll need them.

Tip: Chances are you probably have a lot of electronics to stay connected while you’re out of the office. In this case, a tech padfolio would be the best option because it is specifically designed to store tablets, USB drives, and more. When you go through security, you won’t have to dig through your bag for all your devices.


From syllabi to lecture notes, students need something to help them stay on top of their work during the semester. There are plenty of stressors that challenge the sanity of students, but staying organized shouldn’t be one of them. A padfolio makes separating papers and notes for each class simple. You’ll also never have to ask a classmate for a pencil because you can keep writing utensils right inside!

Tip: Depending on your field of study, a padfolio might help you succeed. Art students can use one to keep their sketches organized and free from smudges or wrinkles. Law students might also want a padfolio to store notes for mock trials.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, a padfolio is a useful accessory that just about anyone can find a use for!

Tuck your extra resumes into a leather or vegan leather padfolio that includes a place to hold papers, a notepad and a place to hold a pen. Bring your favorite pen with you for good luck. Slip an empty notepad into the padfolio.

– Liz Ryan, HR expert and Forbes writer

Why Do You Need a Padfolio?

A padfolio can do much more than just carry around important notes and documents. It also helps you stay organized, be prepared, and look professional.

Stay Organized

Forgetting presentation notes, your essay to turn in, or your resume for an interview can quickly turn into a disaster. A padfolio has a ton of storage options for writing utensils, paper, USB drives, and all the items you might need for a meeting or an interview.

Be Prepared

You never know when you might need a piece of scratch paper, a pen, or even your business card. A padfolio with all the essentials will ensure you’re never left empty-handed. You’ll be thankful to have your padfolio while travelling or attending a meeting out of the office.

Look Professional

Whether you already have your dream job or you’re getting ready to start a career, looking professional is always important. Carrying a padfolio is not only convenient, but its sleek design can also help you look the part.

There are plenty of good reasons to have a padfolio. Having one ready for situations you may need it can save you time and stress in the long run.

What Goes in a Padfolio?

A padfolio acts as a binder and a wallet, so it’s pretty much as useful as it gets! It has the perfect amount of space without having to lug around a briefcase or messy bag. You can put a ton of items inside a padfolio including the following:

  1. Notebook or notepad
  2. Pens and other writing utensils
  3. USB drives
  4. Driver’s license
  5. Loose paper or notes
  6. Business cards
  7. Charging cords
  8. Tablet
  9. Calculator
  10. Passport

There really is no limit to what you can put inside your padfolio, so long as it fits! Depending on what you need, you can fill your padfolio with everything for the meeting, interview, or presentation.

How to Organize a Padfolio

The best thing about padfolios is all the storage spaces are specifically designed to fit different items like tablets, cards, or writing utensils. There are plenty of storage options for any items you may need to keep on-hand.

Follow these tips to stay organized:

  1. Keep business cards in smaller pockets.
  2. Throw away notes or paper you don’t need anymore.
  3. Secure writing utensils in elastic loops.
  4. Fold up charging cables so they don’t get tangled.
  5. Use large folders for loose papers or a tablet.

A cluttered padfolio just makes it more difficult to locate what you need. Make sure to use all the storage spaces to prevent misplacing things like your driver’s license or favorite pen.

What is a Letter Size Padfolio?

Letter size is a paper size that is standard for home or office stationery. Paper and other items that are letter size measure 8.5” x 11”. A letter size padfolio will properly fit paper that is 8.5” x 11”, so it is typically larger in size to accommodate things like a notepad or other papers.

Letter size padfolios are best for keeping notebooks, resumes, or loose papers organized and free from crinkles and smudges. You wouldn’t want to fold your presentation notes in half to fit in the wrong size padfolio, so make sure it is the proper size for what you need to take with you!

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your age or where you are in your professional career, chances are you can benefit from a padfolio! Staying organized is easier than ever when you have a spacious padfolio designed to take all your necessities with you.

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