Why Advertise? | Find Out Why Your Marketing Efforts Need a Boost

Everyone who starts a business wants that business to be a success. Even if you start a business because it is what you love to do, how will you keep doing it if your business is not successful? Unless you are lucky enough to be independently wealthy, you have to work to build your business, and you cannot do this unless potential customers know who you are, how to find you and what products or services you have to offer.

If you want customers to know about you and want what you have to offer, then you have to invest in advertising. This means money out of your pocket for paid advertising, in addition to time and hard work. If it is “free” advertising there is still a cost; it takes a lot of hard work along with your time!

Advertising your business puts the word out about your products and puts you in touch with your customers and potential customers. Customers are always more comfortable buying from names you are familiar with. If you have a variety of similar products to choose from, they are most likely to buy the product from the company name they recognize. In local elections, people even vote based on name recognition; if one candidate has campaign signs everywhere and the other has only a few signs here and there, then most voters will choose the name they are most familiar with.

Plus, if you have a brand-new product or service you’re introducing to the market, then advertising will make customers aware of what you have available. Customers cannot want something they do not know about. Your business cannot be a success if you do not get information out to the public!

While it is true almost every business advertises to some extent, not every business is consistent about it. An ad in the phone book and an ad in the local paper may generate some traffic to your business, but if you want to really capture customers and achieve business success then you have to advertise frequently and aggressively.

Using “call to action” techniques can help customers to move their purchase plans forward; many customers know they want to buy something “one day” but aren’t really sure when. If people see an ad with a limited time offer on a great deal, then they are more likely to buy it now. If they do not see any ad, then they might never buy it at all! Some customers may decide they are about to buy something, but decide to compare similar products; good, informative advertising can help put you at the top of your potential customers’ lists. If you want business success, then you must advertise—and advertise well!

What advertising techniques have worked for you? Share your tips, comments, and feedback with us! Thank you for reading the Quality Logo Products blog, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about promotional products to boost your marketing efforts!


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