Why Bigger Promotional Items Aren’t Always Better

For some reason or another, we tend to place a promotional product’s worth on its size. Perhaps bigger is better if you want people to notice your giveaway from across the trade show floor, but there are many cons to distributing bulky items to interested customers.

Let’s pretend that your company customized 100 collapsible chairs in hopes of drawing fresh clientele and that your competitor personalized 1,000 plastic key chains (shown in the picture above) for the same purpose. If you were a potential customer, which one would you consider to be more valuable? If you interpret “valuable” in a strictly monetary way, then of course you will choose the chair because it’s the pricier of the two items. However, the promotional key chains actually provide a better branding value than the imprinted folding chairs! Think about it: as wonderful as collapsible chairs are, they aren’t likely to accompany customers everywhere. The key tags, though, have better visibility on a daily basis because they are portable enough to fit onto a set of keys. Now, which promo item do you think will get people to recognize your logo faster – the personalized chair that sits in a trunk for half of the year or the colorful key chain that is attached to key rings every day of the year?

Does this mean that larger logo items are useless? OF COURSE NOT! Just like anything else, there are exceptions to every rule and you MUST choose your promotional products on a promotion-by-promotion basis. If you live in a warmer climate or if you’re promoting yourself in a warmer climate, then the collapsible chair would definitely get seen a lot more than half of the year. If you’re purchasing promo items for big-ticket events or for special occasions (like company parties, fundraisers, etc.), then you may want to think about giving away higher-cost items than key chains. Use common sense and you’ll be just fine! The point is that you should never judge a promotional item by its size; just because a key chain or a stress ball is small doesn’t mean that it’s less valuable. Never get caught saying: “You know what, no trade show attendee is going to want a flashlight key chain when he or she can have an oversized golf umbrella.” Trust me, THEY WILL!

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