Why Should You Use Promotional Products to Market Your Business?

Unlike mass media, promotional products target specific audiences. Mass media like TV, radio and newspapers are fine for spreading your name over a larger number of people; but a large majority of the people you’re broadcasting it to are not interested in your products.

Promotional products vary in purpose, and can be directed toward a specific audience. Because promotional products can consist of just about any kind of merchandise you can imagine, you can find the right one for any audience and any event.

We all know what billboards are, but none of us really look at them while we’re driving. And when we do, we’re not all affected by them, because their advertisement style is only directed toward a certain audience. For example: a Coors Light advertisement with young people playing football in the Rocky Mountains is an advertisement that’s only directed toward younger adults between the ages of 21 and 24 years of age, meaning it’s only marketing their product to a very small percentage of the general public. If you put that advertisement on a billboard, do you think it’s going to get the job done? Probably not! If you put that advertisement in the newspaper, do you think it would be affective? I don’t know a lot of college students who sit and read the paper on a regular basis. And when it comes to television ads, we now have digital cable boxes that allow you to fast-forward through the commercials. Even if you don’t, you get up and do something else during commercial breaks.

The most effective form of marketing is direct marketing. Promotional products are the simplest, most cost efficient way to direct market! You give out a product, and it does the work for you. You don’t have to hire people to stand outside of stores and gas stations for hours marketing your products/services. You can send some promotional products through the mail, putting the direct marketing in the hands of those the marketing’s directed toward.

You can pass out promotional items at an event and reach a large target audience in person. For example: if you want to promote a brand of hot dog, pass out promotional products like a hot dog shaped stress ball emblazoned with your logo at a baseball game. Baseball games are known for having hot dogs for sale, and they will consist of a very large concentration of people who are likely to eat hot dogs. You can stand at the gates before or after a game and pass them out to every single person present. This is a very direct and specifically focused way of marketing a product/service, and therefore it’s the most effective way as well.

Now you know why it’s worth choosing promotional products over other forms of advertising. Don’t waste your money on faulty, inferior forms of media. Spend less, and get more out of your hard-earned money by focusing on your target audience and giving them something they can enjoy and remember you by.


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