Why You Should Always Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

Building and maintaining a brand is extremely important to just about every business. Increasing brand awareness can help boost sales and bring on new customers, but it’s the people that are already customers that can really help your brand (and company) thrive. Most consumers look to the brands that are known and trusted. It’s human nature and also common sense to go with the products you have personally used or that are recommended by someone you trust, so building that trust is very important, especially with current and new clients.

Your brand is currently being associated with just about every aspect of how your company is run: whether it is good customer service, competitively priced products, quick turn-around or simply having the best products or service available. But even one mishap can potentially damage your company’s reputation and brand.

As the internet grows (and changes), more companies are finding new and interesting ways to get noticed and do business online. These days, what people are saying about your company online is an extremely important factor to the health of your brand because it’s so easy to find reviews and past experiences of other customers on the web. In effect, this has completely changed the face of marketing, branding, and the whole process in which people do business nowadays.

But before you embark on a new online branding strategy, you need to carefully consider what you say, what you write, and what you do, whether on twitter, a forum, or blog post. Anything that draws negative attention could threaten the trust you have worked so hard to build up, and in the longrun, could damage your brand and potentially hurt your profits. Many times people quickly forget what was said (or typed), but when it comes to the internet, there is always the risk of bad press or publicity spinning out of control.

A perfect example of internet press spinning wildly out of control had to do with Barbara Streisand, (which is why it is now even dubbed: “The Streisand Effect“). In this particular instance, there was a bunch of photos of the entire coast of California posted online that became very popular. One of the pictures had Streisand’s house in it, which drew concerns about her personal privacy. She eventually decided that it would be a good idea to try and make the photographers remove her home from the photo by filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this action backfired when a number of bloggers caught wind of the story and re-posted the picture on their own blogs. Eventually, the photo started showing up just about everywhere online and within the course of a few weeks was viewed by over a half of a million people.

In short: it’s always important to think before you act regarding your company. One of the advantages of working online is the ability to monitor your brand to see what people are saying about it. If you do find a problem, however, be very careful how you act (even consider consulting a professional) as you do not want to unintentionally make things worse. Being part of the conversation can be a great benefit to your company and brand, but always be aware that what you say and write has a way of spreading…fast.


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