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“Win Nothing” and be Ecstatic about it with Snapple’s Latest Contest

If you’re anything like me, chances are you never win anything when you buy a specially marked bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi. You hold your breath as you twist off the cap and dream of what you’ll use the $50,000 prize money towards. Paying off student loans? A new car? Moving out of your parent’s basement? The possibilities are endless! But instead when you flip over the cap in your hand it might as well say, Hey buddy, guess what?! You won nothing. Keep on keeping on.” No financial freedom or new car for you, no sir.

Well, if you’re drinking a Snapple and see under your cap it says “You Won NO Pay at the Pump” then it really means you won $50 worth of gas. And “You Won NO Bills” really means you won $500 to use towards your bills. Nothing = Prizes! Pretty fantastic, right?!

Snapple is taking the “nothing” concept to new heights and sent out a press release about, well, nothing. My favorite blurb from it is:

“Nothing is the answer when you ask your teenager what he did at school today… Some celebrities are famous for it. Some TV shows last a decade talking about it. And now, Snapple wants America to celebrate it.”

Their TV ad was ultimately what caught my attention because I was expecting the same old, same old contest type commercial. Instead I watched one that was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. It was original, funny and perfectly in line with their other ads. Check it out below:

Who hasn’t felt like shouting, “I WON NOTHING” at traditional contests out of frustration? With Snapple’s promotion if you shout that it’s actually a good thing. Mind blowing, right?

I don’t see Coca-Cola or Pepsi hopping on the “Win Nothing” bandwagon so kudos to Snapple for being completely original. Which goes along with their brand’s image, right? They’re the only beverage “made from the best stuff on Earth” so why not continue their originality with their contests too? Job well done, Snapple!

This promotion started July 1st and is going until September 30th and all winning caps must be registered on the promotion’s website by November 30th. Hurry up and go buy those specially marked bottles so you can win nothing today!

What do you think about “winning nothing” from Snapple? Do you like the concept? Have you ever won a contest from a major corporation? Shout off in the comments below!

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  1. Julie Mussared

    I’m not going to lie. I really want to win nothing right now. 0-0

    • Amy Swanson

      I would gladly have some one else pay my bills this month 😀

  2. Kelly Bird

    GENIUS! I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this earlier. It’s such a simple concept…creative and memorable. Never before has NOTHING been worth so much! I don’t drink Snapple so I’m guaranteed to win nothing!?! 🙂 Great post Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks Kelly! Creative and memorable are two great words to describe this promotion, excellent point. It certainly makes me want to pick up a bottle and see if I’m lucky enough to win nothing!!

  3. Danielle Abbott

    I actually just received my prize! I won NO THIRST! I give most of the credit to my shopper from ShopRite, which if you don’t know the chain, it’s a store that delivers groceries in my area. It did not take long at all for Snapple to send me the envelope to mail the cap, or for the coupons to arrive.

    • keke

      I won too but how long did it take for it to come

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