Winter Wedding Favor Ideas to Dazzle Your Guests

There are many reasons to have a winter wedding; although the temperature may not be ideal, the scenery is gorgeous. Are you considering a winter wonderland theme for your wedding and/or reception? Picture shades of purple and blue, tree branches dusted with light layers of snow, glistening silver ponds, white roof tops, and warm fireplaces and then tell me it wouldn’t be beautiful!

Not only does winter paint a wonderful wedding scene, but most reception venues also offer discounts for off-season weddings. So why not plan a winter wedding and decorate with birch trees, evergreens, white flowers, ice skates, icicles, snowflakes, and glitter? I’ve got some winter wedding favor ideas to get you started.

Are you looking for a creative way to thank your guests for sharing your special day? Have thank yous printed on your favors for a special touch they’ll remember. Here are some practical ideas for winter wedding favors your guests are sure to enjoy all season!

Aztec Espresso Mug

These mugs make your colors pop!

The Aztec Espresso Mug

The color on this mug is on the inside, which gives them a wonderfully modern look that will impress your guests. Your brightly-colored monogram or “thank you” on the front of the mug will pop against the sleek black finish. I would also suggest attaching a fancy tag to each ceramic mug with a short message, like: “We hope you fill this mug with something to keep you warm in the cold winter months, just as you’ve warmed our hearts by celebrating this special day with us.”

Tip: For an extra treat, fill the mugs with snacks or candy, such as M&Ms, Skittles, trail mix, nuts, or Andes mints. You could also include a small bag of coffee or hot cocoa with each favor.

Exotic Beaches Calendar

Winter themes aside, who wouldn’t want to gaze at sandy beaches?

Full-Color Calendars

Calendars make excellent gifts for winter weddings! Friends and family will need them for their homes and offices. It’s such a practical item to give, not to mention your guests will remember the great time they had at your wedding all year long when they see the personalized area. I would suggest a tagline that says “For the days to come, we hope you reminisce about our special day just as much as we will! Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Tip: Choose a calendar with a neutral theme (i.e. landscapes, flowers, seasons, or animals). You may want to go with a sturdier calendar, like the spiral-bound variety, and add a decorative bow before placing them on the tables.

All Natural Peppermint Lip Balm

Refresh your guests with peppermint…

Mini Lotions, Lip Balm, and Hand Sanitizers

Winter weather can be rough on the body and immune system. Keep your guests happy and germ free with a travel-sized lotion, lip balm, and hand sanitizer. There are a variety of scents and flavors to choose from and you can have them imprinted with “Thank You” or with your names/monogram and date. I suggest the Eucalyptus & Spearmint Stress Relief Lotion, the All Natural Lip Balm in peppermint and the Hand Sanitizer Spray Pump.

Tip: Tie these winter wedding favors together with colorful ribbon and a note that says: “Thank you for sharing our special day and we hope you stay happy and healthy in the cold winter season.”

Penguin Squeezie

Just look at this little cutie!

Penguin Stress Relievers

Who doesn’t love penguins? They’re the perfect winter wonderland animal to represent your wedding and add a bit of fun to the decor. Imagine the look on your guests’ faces as they enter the reception room to see an adorable miniature penguin sitting on their dinner plate. Have the penguin’s cute little tummy personalized with your initials and wedding date, and then tie ribbon around its neck for a pop of color. It’s sure to be a hit!

Tip: If you’re not a big fan of penguins, then polar bears, snowmen, or bride or groom stress balls would make cute winter wonderland giveaways as well.

It’s easy to make the wedding of your dreams come true during the cold winter months. Giving personalized, but practical gifts to your guests will show just how much you appreciate them for celebrating your wedding day with you.

Do you have any more suggestions for winter wonderland-themed weddings? Any winter wedding favors you’d personally recommend? Are you going to a wedding this winter?


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  1. Ellyn Gilmore

    I LOVE the article Jen!! The tips that you thought of are amazing!! I wonder… are you planning a wedding or something? 🙂 I bet writing this article gave you some ideas for your wedding favors.

    Another good idea for a wedding would be the Alpine Mini Tin full of mints! Now who wouldn’t want to have a refreshing mint and the guests will think about the wedding every time they open the tin.

    • Jen

      Thanks Ellyn! I really like your suggestion, mints are a great wedding favor and very practical.

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    I would absolutely love a polar bear stress ball as a wedding favor! Any of the winter animal stress balls would be cute mementos and could double as table decorations!

    You could also imprint one of these cute heart ornaments!

    • Jen

      The heart ornament would be sooooo perfect!!!!! Great suggestion Mandy!

  3. Amy Swanson

    I love all of these ideas, especially the Aztec mug tip. What a wonderful way to thank your guests for coming, and if the bride and groom are coffee fans then giving their favorite variety of coffee beans is a nice personal touch to include 🙂

    Great post, Jen!

    • Jen

      Thanks Amy! I know I would love to get one of these coffee mugs at a wedding!

  4. Joseph Giorgi

    “For an extra treat, fill the mugs with snacks or candy, such as M&Ms, Skittles, trail mix, nuts, or Andes mints.”

    Willy Wonka’s Runts are always the best option. Can’t go wrong there.

    Seriously though, great picks here, Jen. I’m especially a fan of the Aztec Espresso Mug. Such a sleek item — any guest would appreciate a wedding favor like that! 😉

  5. Amanda

    Great suggestions here Jen! =) I went to my first winter wedding this past January, and it was beautiful!!!

  6. Cherie

    For my winter wedding, I am using shiny white paper flowers from They are absolutely beautiful and are doubling as the centerpiece on my tables. I printed papers with our names and date and attached them to each stem. They are unique and will last a lifetime.

    • Jen

      That sounds lovely! I have a friend who used paper flowers for her wedding last fall. They were unique and beautiful, and I still have them on my table in a vase at home. Paper flowers are the way to go, they will last forever and are beautiful.

      Great idea Cherie! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Erica

    The penguin stress relievers are too cute!

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