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Printed Compressed Shirt and T-Shirt Selection

At first glance, compressed tees don't look like clothing, which is why people love them so much: they're delightfully unexpected! It's almost as if you're giving customers two fantastic promotional items in one. Once you customize your compressed t-shirts, your next step is to proudly distribute them to your community. Surprise those anxious crowds at your company's or community's next big event and your competitors will be blown away at your bright idea.

Most people are well aware of customizable t-shirts by now, but they may not be aware of the world of personalized compressed t-shirts. These promotional items may appear small, but they are mighty when they expand into something much greater after you give them away! There are so many design options available for our logo compressed t-shirts, which is why they are great gifts for a wide variety of industries. These promotional products truly rise to the occasion.

You may be asking yourself what imprinted compressed t-shirts are used for. Well, the options of their uses are extensive! The number one reason for their popularity is their amazingly compact size--it makes them more convenient to stack on tables, snatch up when they're on said tables, and toss into the stands. They are commonly given away at large-scale community events like parades, trade shows, job fairs, business expos, car shows, or conventions but you never know where else they'll pop up. If you have leftover compressed t-shirts after your events (which is a rarity), they easily store for your next promotional giveaway event and never expire!

Which would you rather hand out at a parade: business cards or compressed shirts that are shaped into fun and imaginative designs? The answer should be easy! These unique t-shirts delight both children and adults. Kids are excited to have something they can hold onto and adults are thrilled to get a free t-shirt. It's a win-win for everyone! Just remember, if people's kids are happy then their parents are more likely to be happy, which will ultimately make your sales happy.

Are you in the business of selling or repairing cars? Give away our branded race car or logo motorcycle compressed t-shirts at your next promotion! There are many different automobile-related shapes, including pick-up truck, tire, license plate, and spark plug. Instead of just giving your customers an air freshener or a discounted oil change, give them a customized compressed t-shirt as well to thank them for their loyalty.

Even if your business has nothing to do with cars or auto repair, don't sweat it! We offer basic shapes like an arrow, an oval, and a shield. These popular promotional t-shirts go over very well with both kids and adults no matter what type of business you're in and no matter what type of promotion you're organizing. If you can dream up a giveaway, then Quality Logo Products has a custom compressed t-shirt to fit your needs!

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