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Custom Computer Mice

Custom computer mice make a great promotional giveaway. Order today and qualify for FREE printing and FREE setup available on select personalized computer mice....

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  • Optical Mini Mouse
    Optical Mini Mouse

    $7.05 - $12.58 ea.

    Order as few as 24

  • Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse

    #1 Best Seller

    Freedom Wireless Optical Mouse

    $7.49 - $11.99 ea.

    Order as few as 25

  • Light Up Mouse
    Light Up Mouse

    $5.99 - $9.59 ea.

    Order as few as 50

  • Mini Optical Mouse with Retractable Cord
    Mini Optical Mouse with Retractable Cord

    $4.84 - $13.43 ea.

    Order as few as 13

  • Super Mini Optical Mouse
    Super Mini Optical Mouse

    $4.49 - $12.40 ea.

    Order as few as 25

  • VoIP Internet Phone and Mouse
    VoIP Internet Phone and Mouse

    $11.96 - $30.05 ea.

    Order as few as 13

  • Compact Mini-Mouse With Extender And A 2 Port USB Hub
    Compact Mini-Mouse With Extender And A 2 Port USB Hub

    $9.00 - $23.02 ea.

    Order as few as 13

  • Elfin Mini Wireless Mouse
    Elfin Mini Wireless Mouse

    $5.99 - $9.59 ea.

    Order as few as 25

  • GEO Wireless Optical Mouse
    GEO Wireless Optical Mouse

    $20.46 - $37.78 ea.

    Order as few as 13

  • Custom Computer Mice Keep Customers Connected to Your Brand with Every Click

    It's an idea we've been hearing about for years: the computer mouse is on its way to becoming obsolete. Mice, some people say, are relics of an ancient time, an era when MySpace was the ultimate in online social networking. However, we're to argue that custom computer mice still have a place in this world!

    True, some trends come and some trends go; some ideas end up being foundational, while others... well, they involve customizing user profile pages with MIDI music and neon pink web page backgrounds. We know that touchscreen devices are almost everywhere these days, and that, one day, they themselves will probably be replaced by hands-free controls and other systems that used to be ideas that science fiction writers only dreamed about. All that being said, it doesn't mean custom printed computer mice will necessarily go out of style. Custom computer mice will "click" in your customers' brains and help them remember your brand as a reliable favorite.

    Until the future introduces us to futuristic technology, we challenge you to find one office where not a single traditional desktop computer is in use. Give those employees something a little more special to use for their work with custom computer mice. Whether you're looking for a custom wireless mouse or maybe even custom printed mouse pads wholesale, we have a fine selection of computer-friendly promotional items at Quality Logo Products®. Desktop and laptop computers remain the standard when it comes to doing intensive computer work, which means that custom printed computer mice are a gift that just about anyone will appreciate.

    There's plenty of variety when it comes to the custom printed computer mice you'll find at Quality Logo Products®. All of our custom computer mice are ready to feature your logo and come in a wide variety. From a custom printed wireless mouse to tethered optical custom computer mice, you'll also find a large number of choices when it comes to custom printed computer mice, Sure, they may be called "mice," but there's nothing small about the promotional power they'll offer your brand!

    Business travelers would most likely appreciate a good custom travel mouse - and you know how many people out there travel for business. If you've ever used a laptop computer's touch pad, you know how much more effective and easy to use a good personalized wireless mouse can be. Custom computer mice also make excellent giveaways for students, simply because not every assignment can be completed on a tablet.

    Are you looking for a practical giveaway that will keep your brand right at hand? Hand out custom printed computer mice at your next trade show or convention. Not only do our custom computer mice make eye-catching presenter and exhibitor thank-you gifts, but they're also useful raffle items for attendees. Want to give your employees a recognition gift? Order custom computer mice for the entire office. As widespread as computers are, we'd say that custom printed computer mice are far from being an obsolete promotional item!