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Our Laser Pointer Pen is a brass ballpoint pen - complete with a red laser - that can save your presentations! How many quality twist-action pens can do THAT? Get these multi-function pens at Quality Logo Products for the best price.

You probably want to know how you can activate the laser, right? Well, there's a handy push button on the side of the laser pen that you can press for instant light-up action. Personalized Laser Pointer Pens work wonders at meetings, but they're also amazing pet toys! (Honestly...try waving the red laser beam around the room when your cats are around; you will NOT be disappointed). To expose the tip and write that novel you've been working on, just give this imprinted brass pen a twist.

Perfect for teachers and students and essential to any sort of leader, our Laser Pointer Pens get everyone focused on the same goal. Purchase these high-quality pen lights from Quality Logo Products today and you'll receive free proofs on your order!

Video Title Laser Pointer Pen
Video Duration
Laser Pointer Pen in action!
Video Transcript

Q646 laser pointer pen

Interior Camera pans up on joe hand cuffed to a chair in a evil scientist's lab.

Joe: you're wasting your time I'll never talk.

Kurt: (mad scientist bond villan) oh you will talk agent Smith, you'll talk or I'll be forced into more creative methods of interrogation.

Joe: spits: do your worst Scorpio.

Kurt: bring in the laser.

Cut back and forth rapidly between laser moving in on robotic arm, joes face as he squirms to get free and evil scientist face.
(All slight zooms. Close ups)

For a half second joe glances at the laser and stops squirming.

Joe: Wait a second. Is that a laser pointer?

Kurt: what?

Joe: yeah that's a laser pointer pen from quality logo products (b roll shot)

(A) and it's taped to one of those claw things people in motorized scooters use to get cans off the top shelf at the grocery store.

A Camera cuts to long shot from the side and sure enough Scorpio is just holding a grabber claw with the pen duck tapped to it. Making the laser sounds with his mouth.

Kurt: this is a very hi tech death laser that I uh Look at this place I've got beakers and wires and tesla coils everywhere I'm a very dangerous mad scientist dammit!

(B roll)
Joe: well. that is a laser pointer pen. We have tons of them at CIA headquarters. They are great for presentations at work or school. The red dot allows you to focus the audience anywhere you want them to look. Even from a distance.

(Kitten B roll)
Plus they can be kinda fun when used the right way. (cut to the kitten)


Cut to Kurt and Joe:

Kurt: I take mine to the movie theatre and shine it up on the screen.

Joe: not cool guy.

Kurt: check out the cliche face scar chief, bad guy.

(B roll)
Regardless: When the button cell batteries do eventually un out they are easily replaced.

And, top of being a really cool laser pointer it's also a slick ball point pen.

Joe: look, is it an amazing promotional product? Yes. Can you get your company's logo custom printed on it? Yes. Can you call quality logo products today and get it for the guaranteed lowest price? Of course.

But it's definitely not going to make me tell you the missile codes.

Kurt: Your sure about that?

Joe: yeah (breezy chuckle)

Kurt: what if I shine it in your eye?

Joe: you monster! No cool bro, that can cause eye damage and in some cases, blindness.

Kurt goes to point to his face:

Joe: yeah yeah face scar, bad guy. I get it!

Kurt: have it you way agent smith. We will try something different. Claus! Bring me item number. Q23404
The jar of knives.

Joe: ha yeah Claus wait Jar of what now?

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