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We joke about smartphones being attached to people's fingers, but now there's a phone holder to take that joke seriously! The Freddy Phone Stand has four flexible fingers to grip cell phones and keep them in place when you can't hold onto them yourself.

These fun cell phone stands use bendable silicone to get the job done. You can probably guess why they're called what they're called (think 1980s and 1990s horror films), but you'll be using these rubbery hands to help people instead of to scare people! Freddy Phone Stands are available in several colors to match your scheme, and the personalized message you choose will be boldly printed on the front for everyone to see.

The Freddy Phone Stand grips most smartphones, mobile devices, and music players, including the iPhone. If these unique business supplies are the products of your dreams (NOT your nightmares), then rest assured that Quality Logo Products can make those dreams reality. Order your promotional stands today and take advantage of our low sale pricing!

Video Title Freddy Phone Stand
Video Duration
Freddy Phone Stand
Video Transcript

INT. OFFICE: Thunder. A phone, sitting on the Freddy Phone Stand rings. Kirby picks it up.

KIRBY: Hello? (Sheer terror takes over) No... NOOO!

She runs off, keeping the phone. Slow ZOOM IN on the Freddy Phone Stand. Kirby reaches a different part of the office and turns the corner to find a DEAD BODY on the ground, Freddy Phone Stands sits on top of the dead body.


INT. CUBICLE: Kirby is shaken awake by her boss, wearing a Freddy Krueger sweater.

BOSS: Hey, hey.

Kirby is scared awake and screams.

BOSS: I'm not paying you to sleep.

KIRBY: Why are you wearing that sweater?

BOSS: It's sweater day.

He walks off. Kirby looks to her phone, sitting on a Freddy Phone Stand. She bends the fingers, looks it up and down.

KIRBY: Phew... It was just a dream.

She begins to work again.

INT. OFFICE KITCHEN: Kirby grabs a frozen dinner from the freezer. She opens the microwave door, THE FREDDY PHONE STAND IS THERE.

KIRBY: (shrieks)

INT. OFFICE OUTSIDE KITCHEN: Employee 1 and 2 hear the shriek and turn around from their desk.

EMPLOYEE 1: What was what?

EMPLOYEE 2: I dunno. That new girl is weird.

INT. CUBICLE:Kirby is scared awake. She grabs her phone off the Freddy Phone Stand and picks the stand up to throw it. She thinks better of it, and places it back on the desk.

KIRBY: I'm just being paranoid.

She puts the stand down but gives it a closer look. Suddenly the FREDDY PHONE STAND FLIES AT HER!

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