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Silver Double Frame (3 1/2" x 5")

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It's easy to forget the things that are most important to us. Our spouses. Our children. Our siblings. Our pets. Sometimes, you work so much that you actually forget what they look like, which is embarrassing when they stop by the office to visit* and you call security.

Of course, the other thing we forget is why we're working at all. It seems remarkable, but it happens. You spend all day balancing invoice statements and you forget what exactly your company builds or provides. Maybe there's a little picture of whatever your company builds on your business card, but it might just be one of those abstract symbols.

So there you are, so stressed out and overworked that you've forgotten what your loved ones look like and what sort of business you're in. If only there was a way to keep some visual reminders on your desk to help you remember who you love and why you're working.

The Silver Double Frame from Quality Logo Products features:
* a sleek style
* a double frame design that allows you to display both a 3.5" x 5" photograph and a corporate message (or two photographs ... or two corporate messages)
* your business logo or advertising slogan prominently displayed

The Silver Double Frame makes a wonderful gift for anyone in your business circle who's perhaps a bit overworked.** It also makes a wonderful premium giveaway item for travel agents, wedding planners, and photographers. Order yours today.

* Nothing weird about that. Lots of people get office visits from their pets.

** And a couple days off. A couple days off is another nice gift for someone who's overworked.

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 Silver Double Frame
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