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Do you need something special for your wedding or event? Dress up your can or bottle for the occasion with stylish koozies in a variety of colors!

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Who Invented the Koozie?

Believe it or not, the koozie was invented by nearly three different people almost simultaneously! Today, the patent belongs to BIC Graphic, one of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry.

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What Are Koozies Made Out Of?

Koozies are typically made from synthetic materials like foam or neoprene, which is the same stuff used in scuba suits! However, they can also be made from insulated plastic or stainless steel.

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How Does a Koozie Work?

The koozie keeps your drinks at the right temperature by preventing condensation from forming on the can or bottle. On a hot, humid day, your drink will form water droplets of condensation on the outside. A koozie acts as a barrier to prevent this from happening, which in turn, keeps your drink colder for a longer period of time.

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How Else Can You Use a Koozie?

You don't have to throw away old koozies! You can use these can coolers to hold your art supplies, move your furniture, and even to prevent your fruit from bruising! It's about being creative and finding new uses for your old items.

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How Do You Customize a Koozie?

A koozie is like a decoration for your canned or bottled beverage. You can customize these drink holders by working directly with an online distributor. You'll pick a good color and material and add your design to the front!

Foam is the
most popular
koozie material

The largest order of
koozies to date totaled


Black is the most common koozie color


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