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Welcome to the Quality Logo Products article library - our version of "Cliffs Notes" for the promotional products industry. With more than 35 years of collective industry experience, we've learned a lot over the years. This section is our little way of sharing the knowledge bestowed upon us and is just ONE of the many ways Quality Logo Products tries to give back to you. After all, knowledge is POWER!

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Promotional Products Overview & FAQs
Advertising Specialty Industry FAQs
Product Buying Guides
How is It Made?
How Does It Work?
Product & Industry History
Product & Process Differences
Terminology & Definitions
Eco-Friendly & Environmentally-Friendly
"Top" Lists
Employee & Workplace
Stress Management
Stress Ball Articles
Small Business Development
Startup Advice
Brand Identity
Helpful Hints
Promotional Products in the News
Marketing Fundamentals
Online Promotion
Offline Promotion
Useful Information
Printing 101
Fun Facts

Promotional Products Overview & FAQs(top)
This category hits the spot if you’re interested in designing, using, or understanding promotional items. Discover the ROI associated with promo products and find out how to customize exactly what you need for your event or business.

How Do You Choose a Promotional Product?
How Do I Use My Promotional Products?
How Many Promotional Products Should I Order?

Advertising Specialty Industry FAQs (top)
Do you have questions about the promotional advertising industry? Would you like to find answers to common promo item questions about imprint area, case quantities, or item specifications? Look no further because you’ve found the right category!

Why Do You Sometimes Ship 10% Over or Under the Requested Ordered Quantity?
Why Does it Cost More for Rush Production? The Guide to Rush Production
What is an Imprint Area and How is It Determined?

Product Buying Guides (top)
You wouldn’t make an important purchase without researching it first, right? Learn about popular personalized items like pens, calendars, golf balls, and note pads and you’ll be all set to make a sound decision when the time comes.

How to Customize a Coffee Mug That Works for You - NEW
How Do I Make My Company Pen Stand Out?
Tips and Tricks When Buying Custom Calendars

How is It Made? (top)
Start here if you’ve ever wondered how some of your favorite promotional products are made (those giveaway items you ordered didn’t just fall from the sky, you know). This category explains it all—from the denim of your jeans to the core of your lucky golf ball!

How is Denim Made?
What are Magnets Made of?
How are Stress Balls Made?

How Does It Work? (top)
This category keeps you informed about product-specific functions and processes, such as how your mood pencil changes color or how laser-engraving really works from start to finish. Check out this section when you need to know the ins and outs of your promo items.

How a Pen Works and Why the Ink Cartridge Makes All the Difference in the World
How Does Embroidery Work?
How Does a Mood Color-Changing Pencil, Pen, or Mug Actually Work?

Product & Industry History (top)
You belong right here if you’ve ever asked: "Who invented that promotional product?" or "How did advertising begin?" You’ll find out the history of personalized pens, koozies, calendars, coffee, TV ads, and even the World’s Fair by exploring this section of our article database.

How Did the Frisbee Get Its Name?
Who Invented the Koozie?
Who Invented the Promotional Pen?

Product & Process Differences (top)
Do you know when to buy porcelain mugs and when to buy ceramic mugs? Do you understand the difference between a silk-screened t-shirt and an embroidered t-shirt? Read about commonly mixed-up products and services so you order exactly what you need every single time.

What is the Difference Between a Padfolio and a Portfolio?
When to Go with Embroidery Instead of Silk Screening
Does Blended (50/50) vs. 100% Cotton Really Matter? Which Shrinks Less?

Terminology & Definitions (top)
The language and terminology of the marketing industry can be confusing, but you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. Just check out this category when you crave knowledge about promotional terms and advertising lingo!

What is Neoprene? Why is It Better Than Foam?
What is UPS Dimensional Weight and How Does It Apply to Drinkware?

Eco-Friendly & Environmentally-Friendly (top)
It’s important to know about eco-friendly promo products and their impact on the environment whether you’re part of the green movement or not. This category encompasses all things green—from reducing your carbon footprint to what the codes on the bottoms of plastic bottles mean.

The Different Types of Plastics and Their Number Classifications (Codes)
Canvas, Cotton, and Polypropylene - How to Choose the Right Tote Bag for You!
What Does "Green" Even Mean? Understanding Eco-Friendly Promo Products

"Top" Lists (top)
We’ve got Top 10 lists, Top 20 lists, and Top 50 lists to give you plenty of reading material. Learn the top ten slogans, the top ten jingles, the top ten funniest business names, the top twenty weirdest promotional products, and many more!

The 10 Best Slogans and Taglines of All Time
Top 10 Advertising Jingles
Top 10 Promotional Products Your Customers Won't Stop Talking About

Employee & Workplace (top)
You don’t have a business if you don’t have employees, so shouldn’t you take care of them the right way? These articles discuss how to motivate (and retain) competent employees and how to drastically improve workplace conditions for staff and executives alike.

How to Motivate Employees
How to Retain Good Employees
How to Set Deadlines and Keep Them

Stress Management (top)
Everyone experiences stress, but only you can properly manage your own stress levels. Read about managing your stress during work hours, school hours, and every hour after that. The articles in this category range from general stress to exam-time stress.

Inspired by Office Space: 5 Stress-Killing Promotional Products
What to Do to Relieve Stress
Exam Time Stress Management Tips

Stress Ball Articles (top)
Stress balls (also commonly referred to as squeezies or stress relievers) relieve minor tension and anxiety and also happen to be some of the most popular promo items in the world! In this section, you’ll find out how to choose the right stress ball for your marketing campaign and how to de-stress correctly.

Which Stress Ball Should I Buy?
Why Do Stress Balls Make Such Great Promotional Items?

Small Business Development (top)
When it comes to making progress, a little bit of industry insight can go a long way. Advancing your business is no simple task, but these articles are a good place to start if you’re looking for a course of action for your small company or organization.

19 Simple Marketing Tips That Won’t Break Your Advertising Budget
11 Ways for Your Small Business to Save Money
Free Online Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

Startup Advice (top)
If your newly-founded company is in need of a marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to ask for a few pointers. Advertising effectively can be difficult (especially in an uncertain economy), so use the advice available here to lay the groundwork for a successful venture.

How to Advertise on a Modest Budget
Budget Promos with a Punch
Why is Advertising So Important During a Recession?

Brand Identity (top)
Maintaining an accessible and identifiable business image is the key to sustaining (and expanding) your customer base. It can be tricky, but there’s no need to panic. Your company’s reputation is crucial, so be sure to take advantage of the tips provided here.

How to Build a Killer Brand
What Makes a Corporate Brand?
What Your Company Logo Says About Your Organization

Helpful Hints (top)
It’s the small things that make a big difference! Focusing your efforts on building lasting relationships with both clients and associates is crucial to achieving success in any profession. There’s always value in things like networking and event planning—just follow these simple steps and you’ll see why.

How to Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff
How to Select Personalized Christmas Presents for the Holiday Season
How to Plan a Successful Corporate Event

Promotional Products in the News (top)
Looking for some motivation to get your promotional gears turning? Sometimes it’s best to use real-world examples as guidelines. If some of the biggest companies and brands in America can use promo products to their advantage, then their techniques are probably worth looking into.

George Galloway Dazed and Bruised by Rubber Stress Ball
9 of the Wackiest Presidential Election Promo Items
Best Promotional Giveaways Ever

Marketing Fundamentals (top)
Don’t overlook the basics. Whether you’re just starting to navigate the modern business climate or have already enjoyed a significant amount of success, it’s important to be familiar with the elements that form the foundation for effective advertising.

Five Reasons Why Your Marketing Campaign Fell Short
The 4 Ps of Online Marketing (Placement, Promotion, Price, and Product)
The Elements of a Good Advertising Campaign

Online Promotion (top)
Want to gain a little leverage over the competition with your website? Check out some of these articles. Whether you’re marketing a professional blog or figuring out how to utilize an RSS feed, these are some of the key components in ensuring that your company’s site is optimized for progress.

Use Promo Items to Drive Traffic to Your Website
Promoting Your Product by Creating a Website
Market Your Company's Blog Right

Offline Promotion (top)
Make the most of your next trade show, conference, convention, or expo. From simple tips to comprehensive steps, keep these articles in mind when showcasing your business to the public or to other industry professionals.

Tradeshow Stoppers - Promotional Items That Get People to Your Booth
How to Use Promo Products as Interactive Coupons
Eleven Guaranteed Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Technology (top)
If you want to be productive in the modern business world, then you may need to be somewhat familiar with the technology that it demands. Knowing the benefits of the tools at your disposal means that you’ll gain the winning edge when it’s time to put them to use.

Why Do Monitors Display Colors Differently?
What is the Shelf Life of an Average Battery-Powered Promotional Product?
How to Add Your Advertising/Commercials to YouTube

Useful Information (top)
Marketing your brand successfully may require an understanding of industry trends and regulations, and the articles here will help bring you up to speed. Information on everything from intellectual property and copyright to international shipping is available.

Promotional Products That Contain BPA - What You Should Know
What is Proposition 65 and How Does It Affect Me?
Some Information on Intellectual Property

Printing 101 (top)
Graphics and artwork are essential in building a professional website and advertising your business online. For a list of FREE web-development resources or for info on how to use tools like Photoshop, check out the following articles and links.

Tips and Tutorials for Photoshop
Color Scheme Tools
Free Clipart and Web Graphics

Fun Facts (top)
Ever wonder who invented the drinking straw? Now you can find out! Want to learn about where promotional products came from? Of course you do! How about the history of stress balls—sound interesting? It should, because you never know when or where a piece of random information will come in handy!

History of Promotional Products
How Much Caffeine is in a Typical Cup of Coffee?
History of the Stress Ball

Miscellaneous (top)
With an assortment of practical "how to" articles on hand, you’re bound for success. You’ll find useful instructions about a variety of subjects in this section. Managing bookmarks, collecting postcards, and measuring hat sizes are just a few of the topics discussed.

How to Properly Wash Your Favorite Baseball Cap
How to Properly Use a Ruler
How to Properly Use a Tape Measure


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