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Okay, so most employees probably don’t handle their stress as badly as Milton Waddams from the movie Office Space, but there's no doubt that stress in the workplace is still a major concern! Stress is not only a major cause of health problems but also one of the leading reasons that people are unhappy with their jobs. Chances are, you won’t have to worry about disgruntled employees infecting your computer network with a virus or burning your office building down, but why take the chance? To be proactive, you might want to consider investing in a few promotional items that help provide stress relief in the workplace!

Top 5 Stress-Killing Promotional Products

5.) Frisbees. There's nothing quite like a little bit of carefree fun or a quick game of keep away to lighten the mood in any office. Whenever things are getting a little too stressful and the mood is becoming a little too negative, that's the cue to take a short break. Busting out the brightly-colored Frisbee will encourage everyone that it's okay to forget about stressors for a short while. A little excitement during those long mid-day hours has the potential to make life in your office space a lot more bearable!

4.) Candy. Who can resist a little something sweet, especially late in the afternoon when time seems to crawl? We understand that eating because of stress isn't a wise decision, but once in awhile it does help! If you want to temporarily relieve stress in your workplace, then supply a nice steady stream of candy to the hungry beasts lurking in every cubicle!

3.) Personal fans will help employees cool down whenever they are feeling a little too hot under the collar. The world is a stressful place, and sometimes just driving to work can be enough to blow a few fuses! Don't you want coworkers to be cool and calm before they dive into their workload? Trust us, it makes the day much more manageable! A personal fan is a great way to add a nice refreshing breeze to any stuffy day.

2.) Back massagers make phenomenal stress relievers. Give your employees the tools they need to knead those strained and sore muscles without even leaving the office. You have a ton of options with massagers, so customize away! In addition to hand held back massagers there are also hand-shaped massagers, if you prefer. Either type can be put into a desk drawer for easy storage after use!

1.) Two words: Stress balls! Wouldn't you rather have your coworker take out his or her aggression on a squishy stress ball instead of on you? Stress balls are extremely popular promotional items because people love them! When leaving work isn't an option, the next best thing is often reaching for a personalized stress ball. Instead of watching your employees flipping out and pulling their hair when something goes wrong, you can provide them with a solution! With your help, they could take a short break and just space out for a few minutes, squeeze that lifesaver of a stress ball, and count down the minutes until the workday officially ends. Everyone wins!

There is no such thing as a stress-free workplace, but there is such a thing as a relaxed workplace! The more unhealthy stress you can remove from your office space, the more enjoyable it will be for everyone – and you may just save yourself the hassle of buying a new office building.

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