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YouTube is an easy way for small businesses to gain name recognition. An online ad can be recorded, edited, and ready for viewing in less than an hour.

Making videos for YouTube (or any other viral advertising platform) can be as simple as pulling out the web cam and shooting a few seconds of footage. Anyone with a web cam and basic video editing software can add videos to YouTube. Nowadays, more and more videos are being used to drive sales numbers and increase name recognition for small companies. It is easy to turn a short video on YouTube into a low-cost or no-cost advertisement! When it comes to advertising, YouTube is one of the best options because it's cost effective and easy to implement.

How's this for easy online advertising: YouTube ads can be shot, edited, and uploaded to the web in less than an hour! However, before you actually shoot an ad you may want to consider everything you want it to say. YouTube videos can be used for everything from product demonstrations to directing visitors to your web site. No matter what your intent, it is important to have a concise plan for what it is that you want to convey to the customer.

Once you've decided on a production format, your next decision should be ad placement. Some of the options for ad placement include a screen shot at the beginning of the video with your web site address, a scrolling tag while the video is running, or a screen shot at the end of the video. It is important to keep the ad flowing properly; it must incorporate your company information into the ad and without making it the main focus of the video. Be direct when you're doing any online advertising video, including YouTube videos. A typical viewer has a miniscule attention span and will not watch the entire ad unless it's engaging!

Remember to stay focused on your ad's message and convey it quickly and clearly. Don’t try to sell your entire line in one ad; focused advertisements are typically more successful than broad, wide-ranging ones. Once a suitable ad is produced, look for other online venues to publish it.

Some of the most successful businesses advertisements on YouTube have been entertaining and quirky. Humorous ads are better-suited for YouTube; boring ads won't be well-received at all. Making an ad funny or entertaining will increases the chance it will find its way to the emails of friends and family. This could drastically stretch the reach of your online advertising efforts! (Would you like a tip? You can really grab the attention of your audience and increase your viewership by using custom USB thumb drives preloaded with your content to promote your next viral video!)

Humor is definitely important, but don't forget about quality. No one wants to watch a grainy video with poor lighting and sound! If you don’t have equipment that is sufficient to provide a quality video, a professional production studio may be a good option. Production fees for a thirty second spot will typically range from three to five hundred dollars, but this is money well spent considering that the broadcasting of the video is actually free. Compared to other forms of advertising, YouTube is the most cost-effective!

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