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Golf umbrellas provide both style and comfort. The process for making them is actually quite complex!

Golf umbrellas are stylish promotional items that keep people out of the sun, protect them from the rain, and help them advertise for a company or organization. Some golf umbrellas are much larger than traditional umbrellas; in fact, many golf umbrellas closely resemble patio umbrellas! The process to make these colorful sunshades is very complex and involves many different steps.
The shaft is the middle section of an umbrella. Typically, the shaft is made of either wood, aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass. The length of the shaft for golf umbrellas can vary, but normally range from three to five feet. In most cases, shafts are approximately 3/8 inch thick.

The canopy is the main piece of an umbrella. Canopy color choices and patterns are chosen by each manufacturer, so styles can vary greatly between companies. Canopy material must be sturdy and able to withstand windy conditions. The material should also be water resistant; most golf umbrella manufacturers receive their canopy material (usually a nylon-taffeta blend) from a supplier and then treat it themselves. An acrylic coating is applied both over and underneath the canopy for maximum water protection. This coating is similar to Scotch-Guard sealant that protects upholstery and other fabrics from water damage and staining.

The ribs and stretchers hold up the canopy and extend it outward. The ribs of a golf umbrella are typically assembled first and then attached to the shaft with a round piece that has tooth-like fittings protruding from it. The round piece is usually made from a sturdy plastic material, but can sometimes be made of nylon as well. A thin wire holds the little protrusions all around the shaft so that the ring stays taut. A runner is then attached that allows the ring to move up and down the shaft — then people can open and close their golf umbrellas!

The colorful canopy is assembled in pieces, and each section is sewn together as it is added to the ribbing. There are typically six to eight panels, but there can be more depending on the various manufacturers’ needs. Colors and patterns depend on what customers need, and they can vary from bright colors to muted neutrals.

Once golf umbrellas are completely assembled, a piece of metal is applied to the very top to cover up the tip. This helps to prevent the canopy from coming loose and finishes off the look. This metal tip is most often applied using a very strong glue and should stay on for the life of the umbrella. When the final step is completed, the umbrella is packaged and ready to sell to sporting goods stores, consumers, and other distributors.

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