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Stress balls can be made by hand using simple household items, or they can be made in a factory using more complex materials.

A stress ball is a small, malleable ball that fits comfortably in the palm of a hand. Emotional stress can be relieved by tightly squeezing the stress ball, and it can also be used to relieve pain or discomfort from repetitive movements (like typing on a keyboard all day). Stress balls are popular promotional items for corporate branding because of their low cost and incredible customization options. These tension relievers come in a variety of different styles, colors, fabrics, and shapes.

Everyone loves stress balls, but have you ever wondered how they are made?

Round Stress Relievers

You may have come in contact with a homemade stress reliever at some point. Homemade stress balls are made from rubber balloons filled with safe household fillers like cornstarch or flour, and some people even prefer to make them from all-organic fillers like rice, beans, or grains. However, professionally-made stress balls are more durable for everyday use because they are made from higher-quality materials; their increased strength optimizes them for daily handling and tension relief, not to mention a logo imprint.

Professionally-crafted stress balls are often made from a special type of foam rubber known as closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. When the mold is created and injected with a special liquid, a chemical reaction results that forms carbon dioxide bubbles; those bubbles create the foam. After they are formed and filled, most promotional stress balls are then marked with a company’s name, logo, and contact information before being distributed to clients and workers. The insides of stress balls are usually made with gel or foam and then covered with resilient fabric that can endure a lot of handling. If your job comes complete with a stressful environment, then these squishy and colorful balls of foam can take a load off your worried mind!

You'd have a difficult time finding two personalized stress balls that are exactly alike. Believe it or not, squeezies can be customized to your exact specifications if needed; many companies have designed them to look like company mascots or department heads! Stress relievers can even be made to emit a pleasing scent like lilac or peppermint when they are handled. Some stress balls are not even balls at all; they are available in the shape of an animal, a cartoon character, or something equally eye-catching. This is an ingenious way of circulating advertising for a company because stress balls are often handled throughout the workday, which leads to increased brand exposure and recognition! Tooth Figure Stress Ball

Stress balls are usually not safe for small children or animals because they could be exposed to messy and sometimes toxic materials if the stress ball becomes torn or punctured. However, knowing how stress balls are made can come in handy for craft activities (for children over the age of eight) and adults who want to have a unique but useful stress reliever made from their desired materials. Since stress balls can be made either by hand or by a company who specializes in their manufacture, a wide selection of stress balls can be found to fit almost any person’s taste or personality. Regardless of the shape or size, most people soon learn that stress balls are hard to resist handling whenever one is nearby!

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