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Proper care can keep your baseball cap looking new longer.

If you have a favorite baseball cap, then you probably wear it often, if not all the time. Whether you like it or not, there will come a time when it needs to be cleaned! Many people do not want to wash a favorite baseball cap because they fear it will become damaged or shrink; however, proper steps can be taken to prevent these problems.

Washing New Baseball Caps 

If you have a fairly new baseball cap (made in the last ten years), it is probably made out of cotton, cotton twill, cotton polyester, or jersey. The brim contains a plastic form instead of the old cardboard model. These types of hats may be sprayed with a laundry pre-wash spray, and be sure to take the time to spray the liner or headband. An enzyme-based pre-spray will provide the best results. Next, toss the hat in the washer either by itself or with similarly colored items, and wash it in cold water only. You should never use hot water and do not add bleach. Also, always air-dry your baseball cap.

How will you know what materials were used to make your favorite baseball cap? If you're not sure where to look, there should be a tag located somewhere on the inside edge of the hat with the manufacturer’s washing instructions. If the tag is missing, if it is older and has no tag, or if it is made out of wool, then you should take special care when washing your hat.

Washing Wool Baseball Caps

Your wool baseball cap should be hand washed in cool water with a mild detergent meant for wool. Be careful not to scrub it or twist it or the fibers may matte together and the cap will shrink as it dries. Rinse the baseball cap in clear cool water and carefully roll it in a towel to absorb some of the water. Some wool baseball cap wearers prefer to let the newly-washed caps dry while they wear them, because the wool shrinks to fit the wearer’s head! Others place the damp wool baseball caps over a ball or a coffee can to air-dry and then reshape them afterwards.

Washing Older Baseball Caps

If you are not sure if your favorite baseball cap has a plastic form in the brim or if you’re concerned the colors will run, then it's always a good idea to hand wash it. To test for colorfastness, use a wet washcloth and a little bit of detergent mixed with a pre-wash spray and rub a hidden spot on the baseball cap’s inner rim. Rinse off the detergent with a clean wet washcloth and let the spot air-dry. If the color does not fade, clean the rest of the cap with the wet washcloth and detergent. Rinse the detergent off with a wet washcloth and cool water (until all soap is removed) and then air-dry the baseball cap.

Sometimes it's also possible to wash baseball caps in the dishwasher! This process is okay as long as the water is not too hot, but remember to turn off the dry cycle. If you choose this washing option, then wash the cap alone; it shouldn't be included with a load of dirty dishes.

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