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Canvas, cotton, and polypropylene tote bags all have a style for every occasion.

Tote bags work well as promotional items because they're useful, they're green, and they're essentially miniature billboards. They can be bought in all colors and designs and they are crafted from a variety of materials, including canvas, cotton, and nonwoven polypropylene. Personalized tote bags are universal gifts that have gained extensive momentum in virtually every industry. Canvas, cotton, and polypropylene tote bags are available in a wide selection of styles and sizes to fit different occasions.

Do you need customizable totes for your small business? All reusable tote bags can easily have personal pictures, artwork, or business logos printed on them, but canvas and cotton totes are most often embroidered for a visually striking look. Push the limits and order your tote bags with patterns, like striped or floral, or with a bold one-color background that contrasts well with your company logo!

What's the Difference Between Cotton, Canvas, and Nonwoven Totes?

The biggest difference between these popular tote bags is probably the weight of the material, the durability of the bag itself, and the price. Canvas is the heaviest material, followed by cotton, and the lightest material is polypropylene. If lightweight material is important for your promotions, then polypropylene tote bags may be the preferred choice because they are so easy to carry and distribute to customers. However, if bag strength is what matters to your company, then canvas and cotton bags are probably the best option because they are a little heavier and they can hold more than the polypropylene bags.

All Purpose Tote Bag Canvas, cotton, and polypropylene tote bags are all easily cleaned. Canvas and cotton tote bags can be machine washed in cold or warm water and either put in the dryer or hung on a line to dry. To maintain the bag's bright colors and to prevent shrinkage, cold water washing and line drying are often preferred. Polypropylene tote bags can be quickly wiped clean. Some of these tote bags may be machine washed in cold water and line dried, but not all. Always check the label for care to ensure a long life of the bag!

Promotional polypropylene tote bags are priced at about $1 per bag and cotton bags start at comparable prices. Heavy cotton canvas bags start at about $3 per tote.  Tote bags made with these materials have many attractive styles and can cost $40 or more depending on the bag. Canvas and cotton tote bags are often thought to be most environmentally-friendly because of the organic fibers and natural colors available. However, polypropylene tote bags also reduce environmental impact if they are recycled after full use.

Which Type of Reusable Bag Should I Buy?
Canvas, cotton, and polypropylene tote bags come in so many attractive designs and colors that deciding on the right material may not be the only difficult choice! Your tote options range from simple bags that open like a pocket or carry bags with comfortable shoulder straps all the way to upgraded bags that can
button or zip closed. You could personalize an order of duffel bags, drawstring backpacks, or beach bags. How do you know which type of eco-friendly tote is right for your promotion?

If you're facing this dilemma, then you could do one of two things. First, try narrowing down your favorite tote bags according to what your recipients would use most. An audience full of businesspeople will appreciate an expandable attache case but an audience made up of college students will prefer a durable sling bag. Second, consider the location and the date of your giveaway and try to select the best tote for that purpose. For example: a neon-colored tote bag may work best during a summer promo and a tote that can be slung over a shoulder would be best if your event is being held in an enormous convention hall (because it provides optimum comfort). Always think of your recipients before proceeding with your order! Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag (Medium)

No matter which promotional bag you decide on, you'll be making a sound investment. All tote bags are reusable and lessen the quantity of plastic shopping bags that pollute the landfills. Do your part to please your clients and save the environment with the help of either cotton, canvas, or nonwoven polypropylene!

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