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Instructions for measuring a head and figuring out an accurate hat size.

When buying an embroidered baseball hat that is not adjustable, it's necessary to determine the correct size. Many people prefer sized hats because of the personalized fit that they offer as well as their attractive design. It's especially important to get the right size when ordering a logo baseball hat online because it's impossible to try it on prior to purchase. Careful measuring will eliminate the need to reorder another hat that will fit. The good news? It's not difficult to determine your correct hat size.

How to Measure

Get a tape measure and place it around your head at the widest part of the skull; this is usually about one inch above the eyebrows and a little bit above the ears. The place to measure is where the bottom edge of a hat will fall when being worn on the head. If you don't have a tape measure, do not try to get an accurate measurement using a ruler. It's better to buy a cheap measuring tape than to spend unnecessary money returning a baseball cap that doesn't correctly fit! Looking in a mirror or asking another person to help will ensure that the measurement is taken at the right place around the head. Write down the number of inches as well as the number of centimeters to determine your hat size. The figure should be somewhere between 51 and 64 centimeters for an adult. Women have an average measurement of about 55 centimeters (or 22 inches) and men have an average measurement of approximately 58 centimeters (or 7.125 inches).

Different Standards for Hat Size

After you have your head measurements, the next step is to translate this number into a hat size. Things are complicated by the fact that hat sizes for women and men are figured out in different ways. If the information for the cap only gives sizing for one sex, that means that women will need to use the method of calculation for men, or vice versa. Because the numbers are very different, it's easy to figure out which method to use by looking at the size options. Baseball hat sizes are sometimes given in either the US or UK standard measurements or translated into small, medium, and large.

Figuring Out the Correct Hat Size

Women’s sizes are based on the head's circumference, so the number taken from the tape measure is the actual size. For men, it's a little harder because size is based on the head's diameter. Don't worry if you've forgotten your geometry classes! This means it's necessary to take the measurement and divide it by 3.14, which is an approximation for Pi. The answer will give a US hat size. Size small is generally made for an ideal fit on a head that is 55 centimeters in circumference. Medium hats are for 57 centimeters, larges are 59 centimeters, and the bigger sizes continue increasing in increments of two centimeters.

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How to Measure and/or Determine Your Hat Size


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