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Understanding the differences between pill and no-pill fleece.

Fleece is a durable and soft fabric used in a number of different products, including fleece blankets, sweatshirts, hats, and many other things. There are two different types of fleece available for different products: pill and no-pill fleece.

Even though fleece is a good type of fabric, it does incur pilling. When the item is washed or gets wet and dries out, little bundles of fabric begin appearing on the surface. These little bundles are known as pills and look like small round pieces of fleece. This typically happens with lesser-quality fleece or cheaper fleece.

Pilling occurs during the washing process because of the fibers and how they’re shaped. When the fleece product is made, small pieces of the fleece are twisted together to create the yarn. This yarn is then used to create the product. Pilling occurs because of how the yarn works together in the overall piece; there’s almost always a rough edge left behind, and these edges become even rougher during the washing process.

Pilling can also occur after frequent use because the friction of the yarn pushing together causes the edges to fray and become worn. For example, when a fleece blanket is used often it can start pilling in the main areas. The pilling usually occurs where the piece is used most often or where it frequently touches or rubs against the body. (That’s why pilling on fleece sweatshirts usually occurs in the underarms first)!

No-pill fleece is also known as anti-pill fleece because it resists pilling. Anti-pilling fabric is so popular that it can be purchased in bulk from fabric stores for individuals to create their own clothing or products. The only downside is that the no-pill fleece fabric is more expensive than regular fleece.

The main difference between no-pill fleece and pill fleece is the quality. Pill fleece is typically of a lesser quality, which means it’s also less expensive. No-pill fleece costs more but it’s made of a better quality fabric. It also holds up longer than its counterpart.

Those who own pill fleece products must find a way to remove the pills from their products by using a razor blade or a pumice stone. This takes a layer of the fabric away and requires you to replace the product more frequently. When you purchase no-pill fleece you are actually prolonging the life of the product and saving money in the long run. Without the pilling, you can use the product longer and won't be forced to remove the excess fabric and buy regular replacements.

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