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Trade shows, conventions, and expos are among the best outlets to meet new people and prospective clients, and you can rack up the leads if you promote yourself with promotional products they love. Without in-demand promo items to help initiate conversation and remind people what your company does, your booth may go unnoticed (or worse—potential buyers may flock to your competitors’ booths). Your company needs to do something special if you want to avoid losing business.

Trade shows are notoriously cutthroat, so you’ll want to stay away from the personalized pens or notepads that you’d normally customize for everyday promotional purposes. You want promotional items that are creative, memorable, trendy, and even a bit out of the ordinary so that people will actually remember you instead of forgetting you after they stop at your booth for free stuff. So, which promotional products would be in a top ten list for trade shows and conventions? What are the top ten promotional products that get people’s attention and help them retain the information you’ve given them? Check out these in-demand items and get inspired for your trade show promotions:

Pro-flite Golf Balls

10 Tall Tees

10) Custom Golf Balls and Golf Accessories –
Golfers and other visitors who love the game will definitely remember you for a long time if you’re handing out promotional golf balls or golf accessories. Golf balls tell people that you show an interest in their work as well as in their play, and that says more in today's business climate than you realize. Personalized golf balls and accessories like golf tees, divot repair tools, or golf umbrellas will definitely set your company apart from the masses and win you some future business you didn't even see coming! Golf-related promotional items are available in a wide variety of prices, too, so you have a better chance of spending as little or as much as you want.

9) Tote Bags –
Attendees use customized tote bags to hold the rest of their items as they walk around and explore. What better way to set yourself apart and ensure that your message is seen? Reusable bags come in a rainbow of colors and you can often customize multiple colors in one order. Plus, imprinted totes keep on giving even after the trade show is done; people use them to go grocery shopping, which means that your logo will gain repeat exposure every time your promotional bag leaves customers’ houses!
Promotional Tote Bags

Slim Polly (20 Oz.)

Roadster Travel Mugs (16 Oz.)

8) Water Bottles and Travel Mugs -
People can never have too many travel mugs or sports bottles! If you imprint your logo on some colorful, high-quality drinkware then you can guarantee that recipients will hold onto it. You would keep a durable and reusable drink container if you received one, wouldn’t you? They provide value to customers while still being attractive and customizable, which is what makes them so popular. If recipients use their travel mug or water bottle every day (which they probably will, since you were generous enough to give them away) then you’ll be getting free advertising.

7) Koozies -
Custom koozies deserve to be in the top ten promotional products because they’re useful, people love them, and they will always remind potential clients of what your business can do for them. A koozie cooler (either a can koozie or a bottle cooler) is a smart choice because people enjoy drinks in an office setting as well as outside the workplace. It’s up to your recipients whether they want to use foam koozies for beer or for soda, but it’s up to you to pick an attention-striking color combination and message that will please people.

Collapsible Koozie Can Cooler

Collapsible Zip-Up Bottle Koozie Kooler

Ninja Stress Balls

6) Stress Balls and Stress Figures -
Do you think your business can ease potential clients' stress? A stress ball is a great way to stress that point at trade shows. Round stress relievers are the most economically-priced, but we recommend ordering a uniquely-shaped stress ball (like the Quality Logo Products exclusive Ninja Stress Ball pictured on the left) if you really want to give people something to talk about. Stress squeezies come in thousands of different shapes, and you’re likely to find one that perfectly suits your line of business!

5) Games, Puzzles, and Toys -
Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing games and having fun—plenty of adults like to cut loose and laugh, too. Custom Frisbees are affordable, lightweight, and can be used in unique ways to get you noticed. Send a plastic flyer soaring toward interested trade show attendees and they’re bound to come over to talk to you (as long as you use caution not to hurt anyone, of course). Foam puzzle cubes present customers with an activity that engages them and requires them to pay attention to your message. Do something out of the ordinary for your clients and they’ll remember you for it!

Custom Frisbees (9" Dia.)

Snafooz Multi-Color Foam Puzzle Cube

Mood Stadium Cup (17 Oz.)

Mood Color Changing Pencil

4) Mood and Color-Changing Products –
Mood items have fascinated people for years (mood rings are STILL in style) and they give everyday promotional items a new and exciting spin. Mood stadium cups have all the benefits of their plainer counterparts but also change colors when liquid is poured into them. Mood pencils still write and sharpen like other wooden pencils but they transform like chameleons when they’re touched. There are even mood sports bottles and color-changing pens, so you can have the best of both worlds and give away a product that’s not only in-demand but also interesting and buzz-worthy.

3) Custom Bobble Heads -
Work is rarely fun, but your company name will be remembered if you can add a little taste of playfulness to an otherwise dull workday. People keep cool "toys" at their desks or on display in their homes and show them to others. How do you guarantee that your competitors won’t show up with exactly the same promotional product as you? The Custom Bobble Heads you see to your right can be COMPLETELY customized to your specifications, so you could make them look like your boss, your company mascot, or even yourself!

Custom Bobble Heads

Hi Tech Mini Flashlight

Bottle Opener Key Chain

2) Multi-Tools and Multi-Function Items -
If there’s one thing you should know about trade shows, it’s that attendees don’t like junk. You run the risk of tarnishing your reputation if you give away a product that people perceive as useless or silly! Combo tools and multi-function products like flashlight keychains, pill box key tags, bottle opener key chains, pen and highlighter combos, and Swiss Army knives serve more than one purpose and therefore double (or triple) your chances that recipients will find value in them and keep them for longer. Many people find key tags to be unnecessary and won’t use them, but they’ll attach one if it’s useful for something else, like opening bottles or storing smaller items.

1) Personalized T-Shirts and Jackets –
Do you have any idea how much people love free t-shirts? They love them more than any other promotional product, thus why they’re featured in the top slot of our top ten promotional products list. Cotton t-shirts come in virtually any color you want, they can be splashed with your favorite design, and recipients will wear them. Do you know why? Because people are thrilled when they get new apparel; try offering a free t-shirt to anyone who tries your new product or service and you’ll have a line around the building. If your company’s design is hip and trendy enough, then people will jump at the chance to wear your personalized t-shirts and get other people to notice as well. Embroidered jackets are also incredibly popular, and they tend to last MUCH longer than other apparel (although they might be a little bit pricier).

Port Authority Denim and Twill Letterman Jacket

Dark Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Promotional products provide you with excellent connections at trade shows, expos, and conventions, both with clients and potential clients. Take advantage of this opportunity and use unique items from this list that will truly get you noticed. If you aren't getting the return on investment you were hoping for, then you should consider one of the top ten promotional items above as an interesting and needed change of pace!

Article By Jill Tooley
Jill Tooley

Jill has been obsessed with words since her fingers could turn the pages of a book. She’s a hopeless bibliophile who recently purchased a Kindle after almost 6 years of radical opposition, and she loves stumbling upon new music on Pandora. Random interests include (but are not limited to) bookstores, movie memorabilia, and adorable rodents. In addition to managing the QLP blog, Jill also manages the content development team, assists with the company’s social media accounts, and writes like a fiend whenever given the chance. You can connect with Jill on Google+.

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