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Product placement can get your product seen by millions of people if you know how to go about it.

Promotional product placement, a type of advertisement purchased by individual companies and manufacturers, is fairly popular in movies and television. The product is either referenced somewhere on-screen or the actors use it, which is what the advertiser pays for in the hopes that viewers will see the product on screen and later go out and purchase it.

Product placement is an excellent form of advertising, but it’s not always easy to get the products on the screen. Many famous movie studios opt for name brands and recognizable companies because hey know that they are willing to pay large sums of money to have their products put on the screen. Despite this preference for big brands, there are a few ways smaller companies can get started in the world of product placement.

The first way is to befriend the set designers, artists, and clothing or props people who work on movies and television shows. These individuals are responsible for setting up the sets and determining the products used in the final production. They have the final say in what products are seen and used by the characters on screen, and often times the designer will use a lesser-known product instead of a famous name.

Another way to gain product placement in movies and on television shows is to buy or purchase the slots. The studio determines the amount of money they’ll charge for a product to appear on their program. They pass this figure over to several different companies until one agrees to pay that amount. If the program or movie is highly popular, then companies may even get into a bidding war. The best way to purchase product placement is to directly contact the studio's accounting or finance department.

Contacting various production companies and distribution companies is another way to seek out product placement. These are the companies responsible for actually making the movie and distributing the final work, and they accept product placement as a means of lowering their own costs to produce the movie.

Some newer companies have had success in product placement by sending free samples of their product to the companies and people associated with production; they knew that it would take just one interested party to get their product onscreen. By sending a sample, you could interest an influential employee and possibly prompt them to contact you about buying a spot on their show.

Another great way to purchase product placement is to contact the studio or production company and ask about their product placement process. This way, you'll know whether or not you're doing everything properly and going through the correct channels.

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