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The decision of whether to rent or own depends on factors unique to each business.

Should you rent or own? This is one of the big decisions that most business owners must make at some point. The "right" answer depends on the nature of the business and how long it has been established. The biggest investment of a business is usually the location or building. In addition, companies that require expensive equipment sometimes have the option of renting or owning that as well.

New and smaller businesses may find that renting is a smarter decision. This is sometimes the only option available to them if there isn't enough capital available to buy a business location. Property is a huge financial investment, and it can be a budget strain even if the money is there. Business owners may wish to limit their risk until they know how successful they're going to be. On the plus side, renting or leasing to own can also give an owner the chance to try out a location. They can make sure that it will work and that it will be accessible to customers before becoming fully invested in it.

Buying tends to be the better option for larger businesses as well as for those that are better-established. When a business owner is relatively sure he will be successful in the future, buying is not as big of a risk. It's often a smart decision to invest your money in real estate rather than spend it on rent payments that will never be seen again. Even though you can test a location by renting it, you are not always guaranteed to keep that exact location.

There are other factors that complicate the "rent or own" situation. Even successful businesses are more likely to rent instead of buy if the location is in an expensive real estate area. The risk of an especially large investment may never seem worth it! However, if property values are increasing, it may be wise to take the plunge and invest; real estate can work to one's advantage even if the business fails and needs to be sold.

There are a number of advantages that a business owner receives when buying a property. First of all, they have more control over the facility; they cannot lose their location as a result of the property owner deciding to sell it or do something else with it in the future. They also don't have to worry about the landlord deciding to increase the rent. Changes and renovations can be made without having to answer to another extra person, and owning offers tax deductions.

In the short term, the monthly expenses may be lower when one decides to rent. If the beginning monthly and yearly expenses are a big consideration in this decision, then the business owner should calculate them carefully to discover which is more economical in that particular situation. Leasing-to-own is a middle ground between buying and renting, and it often ends up as the best option for many. No matter what your decision, remember to advertise your location with some exciting promotional items!

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