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Top 10 Promotional Products

With so many amazing promotional products available, how do you choose the best giveaway for your line of work? You could write down a bunch of ideas and pick one from a hat - or you can browse our list of the top ten promotional items!

Promotional products are important advertising tools for companies, organizations, and all sorts of businesses. We're not just saying that to sell you stuff, either. It's been proven that consumers become more aware of a company's logo and remember it better when they see it on promotional items that they use every day. Makes sense, doesn't it?

If you've never advertised with promo products before, you probably have a few questions running through your brain, like:

  • What types of custom merchandise do people use most?
  • How do I know which promotional items are most likely to get me noticed?
  • Which products are least likely to end up in the trash?

Okay, before your brain goes into a total worrying frenzy and leaves you too tired to shop, breathe deeply (that's right, through the nose, just like they teach you in yoga class) and take a look: we've compiled a top ten list of giveaway items that never go out of style, just for your convenience!

Here are the top ten promotional products that you can always use to promote yourself in a huge way:

10 Mouse Pads Custom Mouse Pads Thanks to many of us now having jobs that keep us chained to our desks all day (not that we're complaining, boss!), custom mouse pads are business necessities that potentially receive hundreds of glances per day. Can you imagine a customer looking at your logo design that many times within such a short period?

Mouse pad preference is often a hot topic of debate, as you surely can imagine, so you'll have to make that age-old choice: fabric-covered or hard-surface. Or, you may decide on neither and opt for a note paper mouse pad or a gel-filled mouse pad! Either way you go, it's wise to have an eye-catching design printed on your mouse pads to increase your daily glances wherever you do business.
9 Stress Balls, Paperweights, & Other Desk Items Custom Stress Balls Compact desktop items will keep your information nearby and (if you choose your promotional products wisely) give visual appeal to an otherwise boring work setting. Seriously, take a look at your desk right now; chances are that you can see for yourself how useful and greatly appreciated some snazzy desktop organizers or other items would be.

Stress balls are great examples of visually-striking office companions, and they provide some temporary release when customers are feeling down in the dumps. USB-powered mug warmers get a rise out of coffee lovers, and so do ceramic mugs themselves. If your recipients are executives, then you could customize fancy paperweights to mark an important milestone. Stay aware of what you are selling and also what types of businesses you are targeting, otherwise your meticulously-personalized office item may end up hidden in a drawer instead of sitting front and center on a desk.
8 Apparel What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "personalized apparel?" Okay, sure, there are pants with logos embroidered from butt cheek to butt cheek, but those might not advertise, say, your financial planning services or political campaign the way you'd like. Instead, custom t-shirts are the most common answer, but the apparel category includes other wearable products like baseball caps, fleece jackets, business polo shirts, and knit scarves. Custom Apparel

Wearable promotional products tend to be a bit pricier than some of the other items on this list, but they're worth the additional cost. When you customize and distribute clothing items, you're encouraging your customers to wear them and to show other people your corporate insignia. Don't think of customers as walking advertisements; think of them as willing advocates. Give each of your satisfied clients a personalized t-shirt with an interesting design and they're going to want to brag about your services when someone asks about them! Wouldn't you if someone helped expand your wardrobe for free?
7 Magnets Custom printed magnets won't fall out of favor anytime soon! These simple promotional items tend to stick around - pun totally intended, because we're Quality Logo Products - because they keep important notes or documents in place. Clients probably won't toss a perfectly-good magnet in the trash because they'll need it to hold up their to-do list or their reminders. Custom Magnets Depending on how long those lists get, they might even need several magnets!

Not to mention, most refrigerator magnets are easy and inexpensive to mail because they're lightweight and flat. For a promotion that's fun and functional, you could consider an untraditional or a unique custom magnet to catch their eyes and attention. Magnets come in just about any shape you'd like, so you have the potential to go all out with this promo item.
6 Tote Bags Plastic grocery bags have also become a widespread concern among consumers, and not just because American Beauty made moviegoers everywhere realize how depressing it is to see a lone plastic bag blowing through the neighborhood. In order to reduce and reuse, numerous shoppers now bring cloth tote bags to stores to avoid the waste that's involved with disposable totes. Custom Tote Bags

Chain supermarkets often buy non-woven polypropylene tote bags or canvas sacks imprinted with their logo and then sell them at a profit. This practice is not only profitable for the store but beneficial to company branding, in case saving the planet wasn't enough to get you thinking about using custom totes. People hang onto reusable shopping bags and advertise your business each time they're used; plus, custom tote bags tell other shoppers that your company is concerned with environmental issues.
5 Water Bottles Custom Water Bottles Personalized sports bottles have skyrocketed in popularity during the twenty-first century. Not literally; you've probably heard of bottle rockets, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about reusable containers, many of which are made from recycled plastics. People have become more concerned about the environment and about products' impact on the environment, and many are looking for alternatives to disposable water bottles found on grocery store shelves.

Whether your company is sponsoring a bike marathon or you want to express your concern for excessive landfill waste, a promotional water bottle is a good long-lasting product that will provide an eco-friendly solution and promote your business in the process.
4 Key Chains Custom Key Chains Because they fit so easily into pockets and bags, colorful key chains are popular giveaways at trade shows and conventions. You could have equal success, however, by passing them out at your business's front doors. Don't let the simplicity of plastic key tags fool you - they're near the top of our list for a reason!

These small wonders have the power to expose recipients to your logo every time they start their cars or unlock their houses. You have dozens of key chain options to choose from, like flashlight key chains, multi-tool key holders, bottle opener key chains - and that's just what you'll see on the first page of the search results!

How do you decide which promotional key tag would be best for your advertising purposes? The same way you'd choose any of our other wonder products: consider the type of business you have and the type of clients you wish to attract, and then customize the key chain accordingly.
3 Personal Planners Luckily for people's wardrobes, pocket-sized personal planners are significantly smaller than desk calendars, but they make just as big of an impact. Pocket planners or organizers often feature 12- or 24-month calendars, an address book, maps with time zones, lists of frequently misspelled words, and other bits of information that your clients will find useful when they're on the run. Custom Personal Planners Mini calendars aren't seen by the general public very often, but they provide value to individual clients.

Business cards get lost in wallets or purses and therefore eliminate your opportunity to get a phone call, but a personal planner with your phone number and email address printed on it will keep your name where your potential client can easily find it - right in the pocket!
2 Calendars Without desk and wall calendars, many people would never have a clue about the date. Think about it, how many times have you been asked: "Excuse me, what is today's date?" If you don't immediately know the correct answer, then you're probably going to sneak a look at your desk planner to find out. Custom Calendars Your clients will do the same when they're asked about the date, and that will provide you with brand exposure month after month.

Attractive calendars with full-color pictures have a better chance of being displayed in public view, but small magnetic calendars work just as well to remind people that your company is there to serve them throughout the year (and to keep coupons stuck to the fridge and not cluttering up the kitchen floor, an important task).
1 Pens & Pencils Custom Pens & Pencils Sure, that whole electronic communication thing really ended up taking off, but clients from all walks of life still constantly use personalized writing instruments. Logo-imprinted pencils and pens don't cost much, but they offer an invaluable return on your investment! As any marketing guru will tell you (over and over again), that ROI sure is key.

Provide a few local businesses with a supply of your quality pens, and at least one of the following scenarios is bound to happen: 1) employees will frequently use your personalized pens and familiarize themselves with your logo, slogan, and contact information, AND/OR 2) those employees will end up leaving your pens on counters for someone new to find or leave them with clients, which extends the reach of your advertising even further. One promotional pencil or pen can travel a surprisingly long way!

You should always spend a bit more money on your top clients. Laser-engraved ballpoint pens cost more than standard click pens, but they're more likely to impress executives and demonstrate your high-class, ultra-suave style. Remember that the longer your promotional pens and pencils last, the better it looks for your business.
Article By Jill Tooley
Jill Tooley

Jill has been obsessed with words since her fingers could turn the pages of a book. She’s a hopeless bibliophile who recently purchased a Kindle after almost 6 years of radical opposition, and she loves stumbling upon new music on Pandora. Random interests include (but are not limited to) bookstores, movie memorabilia, and adorable rodents. In addition to managing the QLP blog, Jill also manages the content development team, assists with the company’s social media accounts, and writes like a fiend whenever given the chance. You can connect with Jill on Google+.

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