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A gadget is a small technological device that is considered to be useful, unusual, and creative at the time of its release. Gadgets are often thought to be novelty items, but many gadgets have proven themselves to be very functional in today's world. 50 of the best gadgets are listed below in no particular order.

USB Gadgets

USB Drink Cooler
Having a cold drink at your side is always very important. Save yourself the walk to the fridge and use a USB drink cooler, which usually holds one 12 ounce can at a time. There are also USB beverage warmers; these are lifesavers for serious coffee drinkers!

USB Toaster
Yes, you read that correctly. Electrolux has designed a toaster that connects to the computer via USB and burns images onto the toast. Who said that breakfast can't be a work of art?

USB Ashtray
Smoke is harmful to a computer system, but many people cannot fight the urge to smoke while at their desks. The USB ashtray filters the smoke out of the air.

USB Mini-Vacuum
Dust and dirt take over the keyboard faster than many people type! Use the USB mini-vacuum to keep computer equipment clean and in perfect running condition all the time.

USB Air Fresheners
There are many different kinds of these. Some are designed to burn oil and others purify the air. Either way, they are handy office essentials!

USB Lighters
Light cigarettes or candles with a USB lighter. You'll never worry about losing a lighter again!

USB Microscope
Check out whatever you want under the microscope. Incorporate some science into your daily routine; it's not just for mad scientists anymore.

USB Heating Gloves
Your hands will never be cold while typing again. USB heating gloves are popular giveaway items for winter and holiday promotions.

USB Roll Up Piano
Let the kids jam on this easy-to-store piano. You may want to check with your boss prior to bringing it into the office, though!

USB Drum Kit
Take some aggressions out musically with this drum pad. There's nothing wrong with making some sweet music with your co-workers...

Spy Gadgets

Hidden Camera and Microphone Lighter
Get the goods and never be noticed with a
Zippo-style lighter.

Can Opener Hidden Camera
This inconspicuous item looks completely normal and records everything going on around it.

Hollow Spy Coin
Do you need to hide a MicroSD card containing precious data? Now you can put it inside a coin that looks like regular US currency. Don't store it in your wallet, though!

Digital Camera Belt
Take pictures with your belt.

The Sneakey
Make an exact copy of a key by taking a high-quality photograph of it.

Pepper Spray Ring
Hide pepper spray in a ring for emergencies.

Pet Gadgets

Instant Wireless Pet Barrier
Keep your pet at bay without the gigantic chain-link fence.

High Voltage Pet Brush
Kill anything that's crawling on your pets as you groom them.

Keep claws at a reasonable length with this humane approach.

Bark Stop
Stop annoying barking without causing harm.

Kitchen Gadgets

Butter Dispenser
Stop using the butter tray! Use a butter dispenser to evenly spread the butter on your bread and to avoid the messy crumbs.

Faucet Light
Tired of getting burned when you accidentally turn on the hot water instead of the cold? The faucet light starts out blue and turns to red once a temperature of 89 degrees has been reached.

The Fridge Fork
This is the perfect solution for getting pickles or peppers out of a jar.

Eiko Egg Cup
These cups hang on the side of the pot to keep the egg steady while in boiling water, and they also double as serving dishes.

WowBacon Cooker
Use this device to broil bacon to crisp perfection - right in your microwave!

Garlic Press
Take the hassle out of preparing garlic by using this simple pressing device. You'll save time and enjoy all the flavor.

Condiment Gun
Load up your favorite condiment and fire! It saves time and makes dinner fun.

Sliders Burger Press
Hand-making burger patties is a pain for many people. When you use the burger press, you can create 5 even patties to load on the grill or to cook on a stove top.

Calamente Fork
This has got to be the coolest fork ever. Make it easy to twirl spaghetti and hook food, using this strangely designed, unique fork.

Household Gadgets

This treadmill and desk combo allows you to exercise while working.

George Foreman USB Grill
Get the goodness of a George Foreman grill through your computer's USB port.

Illuminated Bath
You'd be surprised how much fun baths become when there are lights involved!

Banana Guard
Stop bananas from going bad too soon.

Anyone can have an entire ecosystem contained in a small globe.

Glowing Ice Cubes
Make your drinks fun while keeping them cold.

LED Water Bottle
The LED water bottle lights up for an exciting twist during your promotions. These are awesome gifts for trade shows and conventions!

Framed Bubble Gum Machine
Remember the bubble gum machine you always wanted as a kid? Keep it off the table and put it on the wall for a unique decoration in any home or office.

LED Christmas Decorations
These will never go out of style, and people love to decorate for the holidays.

Blow Bot
A remote-controlled inflatable robot makes any work day better!

Miscellaneous Gadgets

Digital Luggage Scale
Avoid overweight charges at the airport and use this nifty scale before you leave.

Key Chain Breathalyzer
Now your guests can make sure they're safe to drive before leaving that party. Promote safety!

Upside-Down Tomato Garden
Grow tomatoes in your home and make it look like great d├ęcor.

Waterproof Notepad
Never worry about spilling something on your notes and rendering them illegible.

Sound Sensitive T-Shirt
If you're looking for a special gift, how about this? The t-shirt graphic beats in time with the music!

Home Electrolysis Machine
Save yourself the expensive and time-consuming hassles that shaving and waxing bring.

Cuff Link Aspirin
You'll always be ready for a headache when you have cuff-link aspirin!

4 Way Rubber Bands
Hold boxes and other items with extremely flexible rubber bands.

The Flush Light
Stop stumbling into the pitch-black bathroom at night.

DriveAlert Master II
This device will keep you awake on long trips.

These gadgets will keep you busy for a long time, but they all have great uses. For a listing of other great USB related products, check of these directory of custom computer accessories.

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