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Giving away promo items like candy or air fresheners at trade shows is an effective brand strategy.

Advertising is one of the largest expenses of a business organization, whether your business is a start-up or a multi-national corporation. In some industries, the cost of advertising can even be as high as the operation costs! However, effective marketing is the key to getting noticed by customers, so it's a necessary expense in any economy. If you're smart with your advertisements and marketing methods, then you may even be able to save a bit of money while getting the message across to consumers.

Today's consumers are resistant to advertising hype because they are bombarded with countless ads every day. Billboards and newspapers lead people to believe that every business is the 'best'. These advertisements have undoubtedly failed to deliver on their promises at one time or another; by letting consumers down, they have made it harder than ever for businesses to gain trust and build relationships. Luckily, there are still techniques that can win customers over!

Trade shows are great opportunities to jumpstart a business. Giving away promotional items is a natural part of joining trade shows; in fact, consumers actually expect to receive customized gifts when they attend. However, the challenge lies in giving items that will help your company name stay fresh in consumers' minds long after the trade show is finished. Making a good impression gives any business an edge over the competition.

Consumers are most likely to buy goods and services from companies they recognize and trust. With promotional items, it is possible to remind them that they can trust your brand since they were given a chance to preview your products at the trade show.

So the biggest obstacle is what type of promotional items will be most effective in making your business memorable. Below are some recommendations:

Paper Air Fresheners Car Air Fresheners – Car air fresheners with your corporate brand emblazoned on it will surely help consumers remember your company. This guarantees that they will catch a glimpse of your logo every time they use their cars. Nobody likes a stinky car, so you'll be doing your customers a huge favor by customizing something that encourages cleanliness. Plus, they're handy promotional products that people are unlikely to refuse at trade shows!

Skittles Treat Packet Candy or Goodies – Candy may not last as long as other trade show giveaways, but it gets attendees to take notice of your booth. There's nothing wrong with appealing to that sweet tooth - especially when it could get you some new business! Treats like Skittles, cookies, or popcorn draw customers in and give you the opportunity to talk to them about everything your company offers. It's recommended to give people another promotional item in addtion to candy if you want to increase the likelihood that they'll remember you, though. Sweet treats should be the bait for a longer-lasting giveaway, like promotional pens or mugs.

Promotional Tote Bags Tote Bags – Tote bags may seem like a waste of money, but they are actually very effective. Have you ever noticed that most trade show visitors flock to a booths that give away logo imprinted tote bags? Attendees like to receive shopping bags so that they can easily carry other items they get from the trade show. The best part is that tote bags may be used for other purposes after the event ends, and your logo gets to go along for the ride!

10" Translucent Wall Clock House Clocks – Similar to air fresheners, good house clocks will be used daily. Clocks give your brand the chance to be exposed on an every day basis, and repeated exposure will subconsciously make all members of the household or the office recognize and trust your brand. House clocks are highly recommended for long-term results, and you have hundreds of fun options to choose from.

Effective trade show promotional items have the ability to imprint your company's name on the consumer's mind. With a little forethought and investigation, your company can come up with promotional items that will leave a lasting impression on trade show guests.

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