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When chosen wisely, promotional items stand to drive valuable traffic to your company's web site!

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Most people strictly think of logo products as fun, lighthearted supplements to traditional advertising methods. Though they do serve that purpose, they can be so much more than that! Promotional items gain business for your company and drive web site traffic, which can prove valuable when attempting to draw new customers (and to retain existing ones). But how do you take a simple promotional product and transform it into an indispensible web-traffic resource? With the following advice and some careful planning, you’ll swiftly be on your way to using promotional products to drive traffic to your company’s web site.

Think of Your Promo Items as Interactive Coupons
Promotional items are abundant at trade shows and conventions because they increase brand recognition as well as the likelihood that attendees will remember you. However, you should maximize the benefits of your giveaway items if you want to vastly improve your chances of busier website traffic after the show!

Here’s a tip: use your promo items as coupons redeemable only through your website. Print something like "25% off a Single Item" or "Use this Coupon and Receive a Free Trial" on your company’s promotional pens or stress balls and customers will probably visit your website as soon as possible to lock in the deal. Place an expiration date on the coupon if you prefer to drive site traffic within a certain period of time; in fact, placing a time restraint on the offer will increase the chances of people actually visiting your site at all. If people know that they’ll have the coupon forever, then what would be their motivation to visit your site today?

Give People a Reason to Visit the Website on Your Giveaway Items
If coupons aren’t within your means, then you can easily find another strategy to drive traffic to your website with promo items. You just have to think like a customer! What will your customers find valuable? What encourages them to visit a website? Chances are good that anything that saves them money or gives them an exclusive service will do the trick.

For example, graphic design companies could offer access to an extended portfolio that’s only available online and print the link on their promotional items. You could give away candies or other edible products printed with the special code needed to enter a cash giveaway on your website. Set up an online newsletter with V.I.P content or sales and then urge people to visit your site to join the mailing list with the offer code printed on your colorful stress relievers.

The main idea is to motivate people to type your web address into their browsers, so you need to come up with an exclusive deal they’ll actually go out of their way to claim. Give customers an offer that’s too good to pass up and they will surely take it (and frequent your site in the process)!

Choose Products on a Promotion-by-Promotion Basis
For the best website traffic results, you should tailor your giveaways to each event where you’ll represent your company. In other words, don’t use the same promotional coupon or code for every promotion and location. Switching up your swag allows you to completely customize each event, which is especially beneficial if you’d like to track the origin of your new web traffic. Wouldn’t you like to know if the expo you attended in Phoenix caused more website buzz than the convention you attended in New York? If you use identical codes for every promotion, then you won’t have a surefire way to know the source of your success!

Of course, due to cost, it may not be possible to order a fresh batch of promotional items for every event; if that is the case, consider printing different coupon codes on custom labels or stickers and simply attaching them to the logo item that corresponds with each promotion.

In addition to all of these tips, remember to always consider your audience before choosing a giveaway item. It would be better to promote your services at an outdoor event with eco-friendly water bottles than with disposable products like bottled water. Mixed messages are never good for business and people won’t be likely to visit your website if they didn’t understand what you were trying to say!

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Article By Jill Tooley
Jill Tooley

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