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A product or service can be advertised via several mediums including television, radio, print media, and promotional products.

Businesses all over the world use advertising to promote specific products or services. Advertising can be defined in several ways, but the common definition is “the act of promoting a product or service by getting the attention of the public.”  Many familiar types of advertising are accomplished through media outlets, direct mail, billboards, and print media. However, advertising can take on a more intimate role when previous customers do the work for you. Word-of-mouth advertising and referrals are two of the most effective ways to promote and market a business.

Advertising has several characteristics. A promotion must be persuasive, paid for, and delivered through a mass media outlet such as television, radio, newspapers, or magazines in order to be considered true advertising. Online advertising is also popular and acceptable. The purpose of online advertising is to direct visitors to your web site. If the web site is designed well, it will sell the product.

Advertising is just a piece of a company's marketing plan. Although advertising and marketing are similar, there seems to be some confusion between the two. Marketing is a process involving planning, research, promotion, and implementation of business activities, while advertising is one of the activities in the marketing process. Marketing a product takes a long time because of the steps involved in the process, but advertising can be done quickly. A simple ad in a newspaper or a trade show giveaway can effectively promote a company and their services in a shorter period of time.

Giving away promotional items is one of the most effective ways to advertise. Promotional items will familiarize people with a company name, and that name may be the first that comes to mind when others ask for a referral. Standard advertising only lasts a few minutes or seconds while the ad is viewed, but a promotional item can be toted around for months or even years if the recipient uses it regularly. Every time a promotional product is used, it is advertising and promoting that company’s product or service to everyone who comes into contact with it. Promotional items can be customized to fit the specific needs of each company.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent annually on advertising. Large companies budget advertising dollars to maintain the success of product sales. Global businesses use advertising to reach consumers all over the world. The advertising and promotion of a product or service can make or break a business, and poor advertising typically results in the downfall of a company. Whether it is television, radio, print media, promotional products, or a combination thereof, choosing the right avenue for advertising will contribute to the success of any business.

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