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The space where text or logos are printed on promotional products is known as the imprint area. The size of an imprint area is primarily determined by the size and shape of the item that is being used, and the area includes the space that is best seen. The imprint area is usually limited due to design purposes. For example, if an item had every square centimeter taken up by text or logos, then it would be unattractive and difficult to read! Imprint areas may also be determined by the logistics involved in the printing process of certain items.

The size and shape of an imprint area is sometimes very important when choosing which promotional product to buy. This is especially true if your business wants to have a graphic printed on items that are relatively small. To get an idea of how a finished product will look, print the text or image on a piece of paper (in the size that it will appear on the item) and then you can see whether or not it will be easily readable. A logo that is short and wide will work well on a pen, but a circular logo would look best in the imprint area of a golf ball or a round key chain.

If there is no room for an elaborate company logo on your chosen promotional products, then a basic text logo can be printed. In general, simple logos look better on items with smaller imprint areas, but they can look very plain when they're enlarged. The opposite is true for complex logos, and options become more limited with a fancy graphic. If an image like this is printed too small, then people may not be able to tell what it is or what it says and a larger imprint area may be necessary. Promotional pens obviously have a smaller imprint space than shirts or baseball caps, so the amount of text that would fit on them is limited because their imprint areas are not as large. In fact, some pens cannot have logos on them at all because their imprint areas do not allow for it!

Some businesses use more than one logo. It is possible to create multiple logos that are very similar in design but have different outer shapes; these graphics can then be used interchangeably when a particular shape will work better than another one. It can be beneficial to have multiple logos designed by a professional so that you can use them in print marketing materials like letterhead, pamphlets, ads, and promotional products. Whether the logo is text-based or includes an image, you should think about having it created in different versions such as horizontal, vertical, round, and stacked shapes. Remember that logos should always have a unifying theme if you are using multiples. If the designs are not closely related to one another, then people may become confused about the company's identity or message.

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