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This article discusses the process of digital sublimation in textile design and why it's preferred by many designers.

Direct inkjet printing and digital sublimation printing are the two main types of printing used on textiles. Digital sublimation printing does not require a processing program. It takes images from a digital camera or scanner and allows you to create colorful, vivid images directly on your computer. You can then use a printer with sublimation ink to print the image onto the textile of your choice with a sublimation press machine.

Digital sublimation printing transfers an image onto fabric based on the characteristic of dispersed dyes that can sublimate fewer than 150 to 230. Then, based on the designed image, it prints dispersed dyes to a special transfer paper. The transfer paper with the image then faces the fabric, and with the right temperature, pressure and time, the dye is transferred onto the fabric.

Businesses choose to use digital sublimation printing machines because of advancing technology and the future of cutting edge digital printing development. The sublimation press machine is considered to be a high-speed, low-cost machine that produces sharp, vivid images. A large-scale company has the ability to utilize more machines for mass production of personalized clothing, swimsuits, souvenir items, and more. 

Digital sublimation has many advantages over direct inkjet printing, including:

1. The printing time is significantly shortened. It used to take several days to create a design image, to create a sample, and to get the finished product ready for delivery, but digital sublimation only takes one to two hours to complete the entire design process.

The technical process is shortened. You can have a finished product immediately after printing, which provides customers with a quick turnaround.

3. Images can easily be customized to meet an individual client's request. This is where creativity comes into play, because customers have control over the design and colors!

4. An abundance of color and images is at your fingertips; you can choose from 16,700,000 different colors! You have the option to enhance images with a professional color palette to create very striking results.

There is no need to create a mesh screen with digital sublimation printing, which saves a lot of printing time. You can simply alter the design on the computer and make color selections with the click of a mouse. This also saves money on materials and labor! Digital sublimation is considered green printing because it significantly reduces pollution; it is done by computer, so it reduces both water and noise pollution associated with the old way of printing images onto textiles. 

The digital sublimation printing process is relatively easy to operate compared to older printing methods. The computer handles the entire digital photo printing process. Digital photo printing on garments like custom t-shirts has revolutionized the textile printing process; it is also used to mass produce a variety of items including clothing, wallpaper, rugs, ties, scarves, home décor items, hand-crafted items, and much more. 

Digital sublimation printing does not work on synthetic materials. It is only suited for natural fiber fabrics. As this printing technology continues advancing, the popularity in the textile printing industry will continue to increase.

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