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A company image is the permanent first and last impression that represents a company or organization in a memorable way.

The criteria for making a good logo are subjective to the creator. However, the logo industry has established a few basic guidelines; factors such as aspect ratio, scalability, uniqueness, adaptability, and a logo’s ability to work without color should all be considered before creating a logo.

A logo is one of the most effective marketing tools in the advertising world, but you can use it even more effectively by following some basic rules. Make your logo memorable and unique. Do not copy a popular logo from a well-known company and avoid making it similar to another logo just in hopes of getting more attention. Copying another company's work will actually have an adverse effect on your business!

Two Main Criteria
Concept and execution are the two main criteria in logo design. The concept is the idea conveyed and the execution is the act of creating the actual artwork.

The Purpose of a Logo
The main function of a logo is to create a signature or a calling card that represents a person, a company, or an organization. It can be printed on business cards, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, T-shirts, umbrellas, or personalized pens; it can even be displayed on an electric sign. It is the company persona.

A good logo expresses metaphors into a printed design and effectively conveys the intended message or image. This is an artistic ability that requires an eye for images, color, text, style, and geometric proportion. A logo that is representative of a company, organization, event, or campaign will best deliver the desired message.

The Layout of a Logo
Words are not necessary in a logo, but they may be used in conjunction with the image. The logo should be able to stand on its own, so it is created in two separate parts. One part is the image and another part is the letters that spell a name, an idea, a slogan, or a message. A good logo is describable, and it should have a simple design so that it can be altered in size or color. This factor helps in the printing as well.

The Size of a Logo
Aspect ratio is the space required to reproduce your logo. It is also called the footprint. Graphic artists have many resources to simplify art, enhance images, and rescale designs; this process was once done by hand-drafting designs that were later reproduced on art paper. Today, logos are generated by computer software that electronically accesses shapes, artwork, and colors.

Laser printers finish the job with streamlined elegance. It is crucial that the printed final version reproduce an equal quality logo image, regardless of size. This makes the logo reproducible while maintaining its integrity.

The single most important goal of a good logo is whether or not it is memorable. A logo needs to be timeless and free of fads that emerge and disappear. Avoid gimmicks and trendy designs; keep the design simple in black and white to make it an easily altered design that can be made with or without color.

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