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Why monitors display colors differently, why it's a problem, and how to fix it.

Picture the rows of monitors or televisions in the electronics department of any store. Even though each screen may be displaying the same images, the colors can be noticeably different when you look down the line. This doesn't happen because someone has been playing with the settings or because one monitor is of higher quality than the other. Multiple factors can affect color display. Sometimes, the same monitors will even show different colors when hooked up to computers with different video cards!

Computer Flexible Magnet Would it be simpler if all monitors showed colors in the same way and as true-to-life as possible? Of course! The display variances cause some problems that may not be major issues in the big picture, but they can definitely be annoying. For example, many people order items online and are unpleasantly surprised when they open the package to discover that the sweater or artwork they purchased is the wrong shade. In addition to online ordering mishaps, monitors are often also to blame for varied colors when something is printed or viewed from a digital camera; the problem frequently lies with the screen and not the other device. As a result of monitor display variances, graphic and web designers must put in extra hours trying to create images and sites that appear very similar from platform to platform.

One reason why different monitors display different colors is because screens contain phosphors that cause colors to change as the screen gets older. Monitors and other devices also have varying levels of ability to display colors; some can show many more shades than others. Resolution also affects the color issue because monitors have different numbers of dots-per-inch (DPI) on their screens, and more dots create clearer and more accurate images.

Monitors will often cast a blue tint on the screen when they are brand new, and this isn't always obvious because the human brain automatically adjusts and tries to make the colors look normal. The blue tint affects everything on the screen; it will often make lighter blue shades appear as white and red shades appear as purple unless the colors can be compared to a more accurate monitor or a nearby printout. Everyone should be aware of monitor color variances when buying items on the Internet. Although it usually isn't a big deal to most average users, it can be a huge issue for professional photographers or artists who work in the promotional products industry!

The easiest way to fix this problem is to calibrate monitors to more accurately display colors. All monitors should be calibrated, including new ones and expensive ones, and there are hardware devices and software programs than can perform calibration for you. They analyze the way colors appear on a screen and reconfigure settings to match a predetermined standard. Software can also give options and let the user choose the look they prefer from multiple options. This information is saved so that colors are adjusted for the monitor every time the computer is restarted. Just remember that screens change over time and they need to be calibrated on an occasional basis for the best results. Computer Figure Stress Ball

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