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Advanced Promo Item Management

Using and Caring for Promo Items

Hey there, Promo University® students! Whether you want ideas for how to distribute your promotional products to potential customers, or you need to know the best way to clean your items, you'll find pages of advice right here! So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the course outline below, and let's dive in!

The Syllabus

How Do I Use My Promotional Products?

If you're stuck for ideas on how to use your products, or even which ones you should order, read on.

How Do I Distribute Promotional Products?

You've spent time and hard-earned cash on promotional products. We've compiled this comprehensive list of ways to distribute your items.

How to Wash a Baseball Cap

Heads up! This informative guide from Quality Logo Products will help keep all of your custom caps and headgear fresh and clean.

Why Some Drinkware is Not Dishwasher Safe

If you need to know why some tumblers are hand wash only or how to keep your mug's imprint looking sharp, this article dives deep into maintenance know-how.

How to Shrink that T-Shirt to Fit

You just ordered a shirt that's too big! No worries, you can still sport it in style by shrinking your products down to size.

What Prevents Ink from Rubbing Off an Item?

Once you've got your snazzy stress balls all printed up and handed out, you'll want to make sure your imprint doesn't fade. Find out how!

How to Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle or Travel Mugs

It’s super easy to clean your reusable water mugs and travel mugs. All you need is soap, baking soda or vinegar, and patience to get your sports bottles and tumblers squeaky clean.

A Guide to Caring for Your Gadgets

In this day and age, we are all addicted to technology. You are hard-pressed to go anywhere without seeing someone buried in their cell phone, typing away on their laptop, or listening to music through headphones. It’s a digital world out there, and it’s important to keep up with the times! The best way is by making sure to care for your tech gadgets.

How to Wash Your Tote Bags

Washing items that come in contact with bacteria is crucial to preventing illness and the spreading of diseases. This includes your clothes, hands, teeth, bed spreads, and you guessed it: tote bags. While these reusable bags come in a variety of materials, such as nylon, cotton, or plastic, they should be washed frequently using different methods depending on the material.

How to Improve Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

It's loud, crowded, and exciting. No, we're not talking about the Super Bowl or Lollapalooza. This is all about trade shows, which are giant conventions where businesses can show off their products or services while housed under giant displays. It's like Comic Con with just as many nerds, but fewer people dressed as Batman.

Further Reading

The Anatomy of Pens and Pencils

Curious about the different parts of pens and pencils? Read here to find out more.