Budget Promos With a Punch!

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

Published: July 23rd, 2020

On a budget? Well, you've come to the right place. I've made a living being frugal with my money (pro tip: going pantsless is a great money saver). Chances are you probably don't have millions of dollars to spend on stress balls, pens, and other promos. Luckily, we here at Quality Logo Products have your back. We'll go over great giveaway options for those of us who haven't hit the Powerball yet.

It's not shocking to say that most businesses don't have a multimillion-dollar marketing budget and therefore can't afford expensive promotional items. Just because you're on a shoestring budget doesn't mean you can't get effective and fun giveaways, though!

Unfortunately, there isn't a formula that companies can go by to find the right promotional product. Each company's message is different, and it's important to consider that message when deciding on a giveaway. But don't worry: we have good news! We have tons of options on our website that won't break the bank, but your customers will love all the same.

Budget Doesn't Equal Boring

Now you might be thinking, that's great, but I don't want to offer more stickers, mugs, or boring pens. Good news is you don't have to! Even though people love all of those giveaways, and they are inexpensive, sometimes you need to shake things up. That's where we come in!

Here are a few budget promotional products that put a spin on tried-and-true items:

Stadium Cups

You can do two things to any product to make it an instant hit: make it change color, or make it glow in the dark. Sure, a plain cup might not be what you were thinking at the start of this, but our Mood Stadium Cups (which actually come in a couple of different sizes) are sure to be a hit at any event. Add a few ice cubes to your water, and watch the magic happen. Likewise, the Glow in the Dark Stadium Cup takes an ordinary cup and gives it a twist. It makes a great Halloween or party favor, and trust us when we say kids will eat it right up. Well, they won't eat the cup...but they'll be excited about it.

Stylus Pens

We heard you when you said you didn't want to give away another pen. Just hear us out. It's true pens are a classic giveaway item, so much so that a lot of companies give them away. So if you're looking to stand out from the competition, but still want to offer something that's popular, consider a pen with a stylus. As technology continues to advance, more people want a stylus pen they can use with their smart phone, tablet, or notepad. Our Stylus Grip Pen is growing in popularity in particular, and is available at a price that is very similar to regular click pens. Really, it's a two-in-one giveaway, so how could you go wrong?

Multi-Purpose Keychains

Keychains are almost as common as pens when it comes to promotional items. Again, you can go that same route, but it's a good idea to offer a keychain people wouldn't be expecting. For instance, a Tire Gauge Keychain is a great option for tire companies! We also offer a lot of key chain/bottle opener combos (like the Guitar Keychain Bottle Opener or the Shark Bottle Opener Key Ring) which can target specific industries.

Cell Phone Accessories

So you might not be able to afford fancy cell phone case giveaways, and really you should be happy about that. Not everyone has the same phone, and getting Android cases for Apple users will kind of defeat the purpose of advertising your brand. Don't sweat it! There are affordable cell phone accessories that can be used with any phone brand. Whether you want to go with the Budget Cell Phone Stand to target office workers, or the Silicone Card Sleeve for those who are always on the go, you can't go wrong. Plus, Batman approves of the Silicone Card Sleeve; you wouldn't want to disappoint Batman, now, would you?

USB Flash Drives

If for whatever reason your boss tells you that you have a bit of a larger budget this month to spend on promotional products, don't question it! Just tell him or her thank you, and check out our USB flash drives as an option.

You've probably received a flash drive as a promotional product before, but we'd be surprised if you got the Slim Credit Card Flash Drive, the Laser Pointer Flash Drive, or the Bamboo USB Flash Drive. All you have to do is add some flair to a regular item to make your company stand out. And it just so happens, we specialize in bringing flair to promotional products.

Hold the phone

Before you decide on a product, there are a couple of checklist items you'll want to go through just to make sure your product looks the way it should:

Quantity Size - Items like USB flash drives might cost more per item, but generally the total minimum quantity order costs less than an order of products that appear to cost less per item. As a result, you can still control the amount you spend while getting a giveaway people will love.

It's important to consider the event you're attending. Is it a smaller banquet meeting? A large rally? The amount of promotional items you'll need to order could vary greatly depending the occasion.

Customization You'll also need to take the design of your logo into consideration when looking at different products. There are several different imprint methods, and depending on the amount of color in your logo, one process might work better than the other.

Once you do pick out a product, just leave it to us to make your logo look awesome! Quality Logo Products provides you with additional design guidance for each item you customize: if you only have one vectored graphic, then we can fine-tune it to better suit the promotional pens and the cotton t-shirts you purchased from us! That way, your logo will never appear disproportionate or distorted once it's printed on your products.

Delivery and Shipping Don't forget to account for delivery charges and shipping expenses when ordering your items! Believe it or not, shipping charges are based more on just the weight of an individual product, and you may have to take into account the dimensional weight, the shipping method, and the distance between you and the factory where your item is located. You don't want to have your heart set on a product only to realize you won't be able to afford the shipping. We always guarantee your order will arrive on or before its scheduled delivery date, but sometimes circumstances outside our control (i.e., weather) might delay a product's arrival. We can't always plan for those natural disasters, but if you're ordering something during winter that might be something to take into account.

That's right - we've thought of everything, from the number of products you want down to the cost of delivering them to your door. You can get a great giveaway without having to run to your boss asking for more money. He or she will be thanking you! Just keep this advice in mind, and you'll be an expert before you know it!

Ready to hit the ground running? Call us at (866) 312-5646 or email us at info@qualitylogoproducts.com to get started with your next order of promotional items.