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Custom vs. Standard Stress Balls

Alyssa Mertes

Published: October 28th 2020

Choosing which stress ball to give away can be, well, stressful. We have a ton of options to choose from (really, there are thousands of them on our website). With so many great options available, how can you possibly choose?

If the only thing you're sure about is that you want to put your logo on a stress ball, it can still be a mountain of a task to decide what kind of stress reliever, in addition to figuring out the color, imprint design, and more.

But don't worry! Most stress balls are affordable, and offer a range of versatile designs and shapes to choose from.

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Which Stress Ball Should I Buy?

The decisions don't stop there...did you know you can also design a one-of-a-kind custom stress ball? You sure can! Take a look at the photo to the left to see a few examples of custom stress balls we've made (Bubba is actually a custom one too, but he also just wanted to be in the photo).

Now you might be wondering...what goes into a custom stress ball? How much more will it cost? Take a deep breath. We're here for you. We'll take a look at both standard and custom-shaped stress balls, giving you information on both so you can decide which is best for your company.

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Take Stock in Our Stock Shaped Stress Balls

First, we begin with the standard stress balls that you'll find on our website. If you look at our custom shaped stress balls, you'll come up with nearly 1,900 different squishy relievers. You can get anything from our famous Round Stress Reliever to the not-so-well-known Buttocks Stress Ball. Essentially, you can be as generic or as specific as you like.

So even within our basic selection of stress balls, it's not surprising if you start feeling overwhelmed. We like to compare our selection like a restaurant menu. When you go to a restaurant, sometimes it's difficult to choose what you want to order. Instead of ordering something you've eaten before, it can pay to experiment and try something new!

You'll also notice some stress balls on our website look almost identical to each other. Many of the factories we work with make very similar stress relievers. Despite this repetition, we offer multiple vendor options to help keep costs down and offer you the best price.

With that said, let's take a look at a few pros and cons of ordering a standard stress ball:

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Get Personal with Custom Shaped Stress Balls

If ordering our standard stress balls is like picking something off a restaurant menu, then designing a custom stress ball could be compared to creating the menu itself. There are still some rules you need to abide by, but by and large, you get to tell the chefs what they're making.

Designing your own custom stress ball can be a daunting task, but we're always here to help. To start, we need a picture or a drawing of what you are looking to get. It can be a very detailed drawing or a cell phone picture. Either way, we'll take it from there and create just what you want.

It definitely requires planning ahead, but if you have an annual event you know you'll have to prepare for or simply want to offer your customers something different in the coming months, a custom stress ball is great option.

Alright, let's take a look at some more pros and cons:


Back in the day, the minimum quantity for custom stress balls was 5,000, but due to greater efficiency in the production process, it was lowered to 1,000. So who knows, maybe in the future that minimum could decrease again! But for now, it stands at 1,000.

Bubba popcorn
Bubba breaks it down

When it comes to stress balls, we really know what's best. In fact, the Round Stress Reliever is consistently in our Top 10 Monthly List of Products! Bottom line, a stress ball (standard or custom) is a great way to get your brand name out in the open. After all, our own Bubba is a custom stress ball and the mascot of Quality Logo Products. If you ever have questions regarding what stress ball is right for you, call us! You can reach us on the phone 866-312-5646, email (, or via live chat.

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Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

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