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Buying Guide & Design Tips: How to Customize Water Bottles

Alyssa Mertes

Published: June 09th 2021

Do you need custom water bottles for a trade show? Maybe you want branded gifts for your sports team, or something to promote your personal training. No matter what, you're at the right place to get customized water bottles that everyone will love!

This buying guide is chockful of design tips and advice to make your life easier. You're going to be a water bottle expert in no time!

Why Do You Need Custom Water Bottles?

First things first, let's figure out why you need custom water bottles. These giveaways are awesome for a variety of businesses and events, not limited to:


Dehydration can have a negative impact on cognitive function! Help your students stay focused by handing out reusable water bottles as spirit week gifts, or selling them in your bookstore. The bottles will be useful during class and at home while doing homework or studying.



Branded water bottles are wonderful prizes for your library's summer reading program. Since it's hot outside, the kids who earn a bottle will likely bring it with on every bike ride or trip to the park. That means a ton of extra eyes on your library's name and logo!


Gyms or Fitness Centers

Your clients are breaking a sweat and are going to want a way to stay cool. Hand out reusable water bottles when they sign up for your gym, fitness center, or personal training sessions! This is a great giveaway idea as medical experts recommend drinking 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes during a workout.


Sports Teams

Whether you're part of youth soccer or adult softball, your league can get a ton of attention with promotional water bottles. Put them in drawstring bags at the beginning of the season, and offer them as free gifts at registration.

Sports Team


Go the distance by putting customized water bottles in your marathon swag bags! It takes 12 to 20 weeks to properly prepare for a marathon, so all the runners are going to want reliable water bottles to use during training.


Hiking Trails & Campgrounds

Your visitors are going to break a sweat navigating the trails, or even just setting up their tents. Durable water bottles, particularly ones with an attached carabiner, will be a real lifesaver!

Hiking trails campgrounds

Trade Shows

Part of the fun of attending a trade show is going home with promotional freebies! In fact, 52% of people are more likely to enter an exhibit if the company is offering some kind of giveaway. Custom water bottles are a great choice!

trade show


Mints and chocolates are nice, but isn't it better to offer wedding favors that your guests will use time and time again? You can't go wrong with personalized water bottles! Match them to your colors, and put them at every place setting at the reception.


Outdoor Festivals

Some outdoor festivals and concerts have very little shade. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 618 people die every year from extremely hot weather. Avoid any sun strokes or overheating by offering bulk water bottles to all of the attendees.

outdoor festival

Theme Parks

Visitors to your theme park are always on the go! Sell souvenir water bottles in your concession stands, and offer free refills throughout the day. This is a great way to not only boost sales, but also cut down on sick feelings after riding the roller coasters!

Theme parks

Corporate Gifts

95% of companies see corporate gifting as an essential part of their business strategy. If you're tired of handing out gift cards every year, wow your employees with branded water bottles as corporate gifts instead!

Corporate gifts


Are you trying to raise funds for your non-profit, church, or club? Sell customized water bottles at your car washes, bake sales, and every other fundraiser you host throughout the year. The bottles will fly off the table if you choose something stylish and unique!


You can be in any industry or hosting any event and find value in logo water bottles. The most important thing is that you come through with drinkware that people won't donate to Goodwill in the future!

Tips for Customizing Water Bottles

We've established why you need promotional water bottles, now let's get to the customizing side of things! Follow these design tips to make your bottles look amazing!

  • #1: Choose the right material.
  • #2: Pick water bottles that are colorful & trendy.
  • #3: Go with a larger ounce size.
  • #4: Be smart about what you print.
  • #5: Shop for a top water bottle brand.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Material

What is the Best Water Bottle Material?

You might feel overwhelmed with all the different types of water bottles, so let's start by choosing between the four main materials:

1) Plastic
2) Aluminum
3) Stainless Steel
4) Glass


Shop: Plastic Water Bottles
Benefits of Plastic Water Bottles:

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Great for kids
  • Usually dishwasher safe

plastic bottle


Shop: Aluminum Water Bottles
Benefits of Aluminum Water Bottles:

  • Durable
  • Last for years
  • Come in bigger sizes
  • Keep water cooler than plastic

aluminum bottle
stainless steel bottle


Shop: Glass Water Bottles
Benefits of Glass Water Bottles:

  • Stylish
  • Keep water cool for a long time
  • Free from chemicals
  • Professional

glass bottle

Think about why you're ordering the custom water bottles, and then pick the material accordingly. For instance, if you're ordering bottles for kids, glass is probably not the best choice. Do a little brainstorming before you hop online to place an order!

Tip #2: Pick Colorful & Trendy Water Bottles

What Are the Coolest Water Bottles?

The coolest water bottles are colorful, have some kind of printed pattern, and are likely made from metal or glass. Brands like S'well and Contigo have built empires out of offering trendy water bottles that are basically another part of your outfit.

Do you want trendy water bottles that people will post pics of on social media? Here are 10 ideas!

  • #1: YETI Rambler Bottle
  • #2: h2go Swig Thermal Bottle
  • #3: Vacuum Sealed Bottles With Bamboo Lid
  • #4: Cola Shaped Water Bottles
  • #5: h2go Inspire Bottles
  • #6: Basecamp Mesa Tundra Bottle
  • #7: Tritan Luray Bottles
  • #8: Drea Honeycomb Stainless Steel Bottles
  • #9: Collapsible Silicone Sports Bottle
  • #10: Sip 'n Go Glass Water Bottles

#1: YETI Rambler Bottle

YETI rambler bottle

YETI may be best known for their portable coolers, but let's not forget about their high-end water bottles! The Rambler is made from durable stainless steel and has a convenient carrying handle that makes it great for long hikes and road trips.

#2: h2go Swig Thermal Bottle

h2go swig

Take a swig out of the stylish Swig Thermal Bottles from h2go! This brand is known for offering a unique look and bright variety of colors. With double wall insulation, your water is sure to stay nice and cold! Grab these bottles as gifts for a company picnic or family reunion.

#3: Vacuum Sealed Bottles With Bamboo Lid

vacuum sealed bottles bamboo

Does your wedding have a rustic theme? These vacuum insulated bottles will be insanely charming favors! Print your monogrammed initials and wedding date on the front in a swirly font. Your guests will love using these personalized water bottles for both cold and hot drinks!

#4: Cola Shaped Water Bottles


If you love soda, but know you need to drink more water, the Cola Shaped Water Bottle should be your new best friend! It will make you think you're sipping on a soft drink, even though you're actually making a healthier choice. Doctors can hand these out to patients as a reminder to drink more water.

#5: h2go Inspire Bottles

h2go inspire bottles

Are you handing out customized water bottles to a bunch of professionals at a trade show or networking event? Try the h2go Inspire Bottles! The handle makes them easy to carry throughout the venue, plus the glass material will keep water cool throughout the event. Plus, these branded water bottles have the added bonus of coming with mix-and-match lid colors!

#6: Basecamp Mesa Tundra Bottle

Basecamp Mesa Tundra Bottle

The Basecamp Mesa Tundra Bottle is an excellent choice for gyms, fitness centers, and personal trainers. As your clients work out, they can easily flip the straw and take a quick sip. Later, they can screw on the other lid to store the bottles back in their gym bags without leaks! Did we mention the water bottles are also BPA-free and have a large 20 ounce capacity?

#7: Tritan Luray Bottles

Tritan Luray Bottle

Look no further than the Tritan Luray Bottle if you want something with a slim design! It easily fits in the cupholder in a bicycle or car, making it a great giveaway for bikeathons and travel companies. With the carrying handle and BPA-free material, these are also great promotional products for kids!

#8: Drea Honeycomb Stainless Steel Bottles

Drea Honeycomb Bottle

Win over every fashionista with the sleek Drea Honeycomb Bottle! The colors are insanely trendy and well-suited for beauty companies and salons. These customized water bottles are insulated for hot and cold drinks, so pour in morning coffee or after-dinner wine!

#9: Collapsible Silicone Sports Bottle

                Silicone Sports Bottle

Perhaps no water bottle is more unique and memorable than the Collapsible Silicone Sports Bottle! It expands out to 17 ounces and then back down for easy storage in your bag. Unbelievably, it's also dishwasher safe! Hand out these bottles as novelty gifts at a community event or fundraiser.

#10: Sip 'n Go Glass Water Bottles

Sip n Go Water Bottle

Nothing is better than a refreshing sip of cool water! That's exactly what you'll get every time with the Sip 'n Go Water Bottle. Throw these bottles in a beach bag with a few other goodies, and use them as gifts or prizes at your summer event.

The promotional water bottles featured above are just a few amazing choices. Use them as inspiration to find bottles that are trendy, unique, and will look amazing in every kitchen cabinet!

Tip #3: Go With a Larger Ounce Size

How Big is the Average Water Bottle?

The average water bottle can hold about 16 ounces of liquid. It's recommended that you drink between 75 and 150 ounces of water every day, so the bigger your bottle, the better!

Try any of these large water bottles!

Small water bottles are perfectly fine, but if you're torn between a couple choices, go with the bigger size. Everyone will appreciate having an easier way to drink more water throughout the day.

Tip #4: Be Smart About What You Print

What Should You Print on Custom Water Bottles?

Now that you have an idea of which bottles you want to order, it's time to figure out what to print on the front. You can personalize your reusable water bottles with any of the following:

  • Text
  • Logo
  • Clipart image
  • Image + text
  • Funny or inspirational quote
plastic bottle


Whether it's your company name, a phone number, or monogrammed initials, you can send a message loud and clear on personalized water bottles. Stick with 10 characters max and choose a legible font choice. People should be able to read the text at a quick glance.

Logo Bottle


A logo is a visual symbol that says a million words without saying anything at all! Print it in full color on a dark water bottle, or choose a bottle that matches your logo colors instead.

Clipart Image Bottle

Clipart Image

Maybe you don't have a logo, but still want some kind of image on your water bottles. How about fun clipart? There are thousands of options that fit any situation, from palm trees for a tropical themed restaurant to fireworks for a July 4th barbecue.

Funny Bottle

Funny or Inspirational Quote

Make someone laugh or inspire them to take action by printing a quote on your customized water bottles. This is a great idea if you're ordering them as gifts for a bridal shower or holiday party.

Image Bottle

Image + Text

For the best results, try to print both image and text on your water bottles. The text should complement the image, such as a logo paired with your company name or a cute fish with the text: "Drink More Water!"

How to Print on Water Bottles

You can get printed water bottles by working directly with a promotional products company. They're experts who will be able to take care of the decoration for you!

The factories customize your water bottles using one of the following processes:

Ink printing step 1
Ink printing step 2

Laser engraving - If you're buying glass or metal water bottles, you might want to try laser engraving. The design is permanently etched into the bottles, so it's less likely to chip off when they're washed or refilled over and over again.

Ink printing step 3

Full color printing - Do you have a logo with a ton of colors? Full color or digital printing should be your #1 choice. All of the ink colors are included in the cost, which saves you money.

Ink printing step 4

Wrap Printing* - A wrap imprint is a good option if you want an imprint that takes up the front and back of the bottle. This is strongly recommended if you have a wide or long logo, or if you have a lot of information to print.

DISCLAIMER: Wrap imprints may not go 100% around the bottle. There could be a small gap between where the wrap starts and where it ends.

It's important to note that most of the time you get charged per ink color. Print your text and/or image in just one color on the water bottles if you're on a budget. Is a colorful design important to you? Splurge on a digital print or engraving.

Are you curious to see wrap printing? Check out these pictures of the h2go aluminum bottle!

Logo Bottle 1 Logo Bottle 2 Logo Bottle 3

Tip #5: Shop for a Top Water Bottle Brand

What Are the Best Water Bottle Brands?

Nike, Coca-Cola, Hershey's …there are a ton of brands we know and love, and the same holds true for water bottles. You can rely on these all-stars to always come through with style and quality!

Do you want to splurge on brand name water bottles? Give any of the following a shot!

  • Arctic Zone
  • YETI
  • Contigo
  • h2go
  • CamelBak
  • Thermos
  • Igloo
arctic zone Bottle Arctic Zone
Top features:

Keeps drinks cold for 48 hours & hot for 12 hours

Copper insulation

Spill-proof lid

No condensation on the outside

Yeti BottleYETI
Top features:

Drinks stay cold or hot all day

Convenient carrying handle

Double wall construction

Design is laser engraved

contigo BottleContigo
Top features:

Trendy, bright colors to choose from

Push button lid

Insulated interior

Plastic, glass, & metal options

h2go Bottleh2go
Top features:

Variety of styles

Made in USA

Vacuum insulated

Unique colors, patterns, & prints

camelbak BottleCamelBak
Top features:

Leak-proof straw


Won't spill in a bag

Resistant to odors

Top features:

Dishwasher safe

Free from chemicals

Ergonomic design

Well-insulated for cold drinks

arctic zone Bottle Arctic ZoneYeti BottleYETIcontigo BottleContigoh2go Bottleh2gocamelbak BottleCamelBakthermosThermosigloo BottleIgloo
Top features:Top features:Top features:Top features:Top features:Top features:Top features:

Keeps drinks cold for 48 hours & hot for 12 hours

Copper insulation

Spill-proof lid

No condensation on the outside

Drinks stay cold or hot all day

Convenient carrying handle

Double wall construction

Design is laser engraved

Trendy, bright colors to choose from

Push button lid

Insulated interior

Plastic, glass, & metal options

Variety of styles

Made in USA

Vacuum insulated

Unique colors, patterns, & prints

Leak-proof straw


Won't spill in a bag

Resistant to odors

Dishwasher safe

Free from chemicals

Ergonomic design

Well-insulated for cold drinks

Removable cup on the lid

Designed to keep cold drinks for 24 hours & hot for 6 hours

Fits in most cupholders

Durable stainless steel exterior

igloo BottleIgloo
Top features:

Removable cup on the lid

Designed to keep cold drinks for 24 hours & hot for 6 hours

Fits in most cupholders

Durable stainless steel exterior

These high-end water bottle brands make excellent gifts your employees, clients, friends, and family. Take a look at their selections!

Other Considerations When Buying Custom Water Bottles

You're almost ready to order personalized water bottles for your business or event! Before you dive in, it's a good idea to also think about the following:

Water bottles icon 1

#1: Insulation - A well-insulated water bottle is a must. You want the water, juice, or soft drinks to stay cold throughout the day. Are you giving out the water bottles to coffee lovers? Hand out insulated water bottles that can safely be filled with hot drinks as well!

Water bottles icon 2

#2: Lid Type - It might seem small, but the right lid can make a huge difference in the quality of your water bottles. Screw-on lids with push-pull spouts are the most common, but straws and built-in handles are also winners!

Water bottles icon 2

#3: BPA-free - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that a majority of Americans have some trace of BPA in their systems. It's a much healthier option for everyone if you purchase BPA-free water bottles in bulk as gifts or giveaways.

Water bottles icon 2

#4: Fruit or ice infusers - We have to drink water in order to live, but sometimes it's just so boring! Spruce up your drinks with a fruit cage or ice infuser. This type of water bottle would be great in gift baskets with assorted fruits and other snacks like nuts and pretzels.

Water bottles icon 2

#5: Eco-friendly - More than 60 million disposable bottles end up in landfills every year. A greener planet is only a few changes away, and reusable water bottles are no doubt a step in the right direction. However, you can take your efforts even further with eco bottles made from recycled materials.

Water bottles icon 2

#6: Made in the USA - The COVID-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the American economy. Every little bit helps, which is why it's not a bad idea to shop for U.S. made water bottles. Plus, 57% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if their promotional products are American made.

Water bottles icon 2

#7: Shipping time - How fast do you need your water bottles? If time is ticking, you should check out fast ship options. The promotional water bottles will be at your door in only a few days, saving you unnecessary stress!

Water bottles icon 2

#9: Budget - Only you know how much you're comfortable spending! Brand names, glass water bottles, and fruit infusers may increase your final total. Remember there's nothing wrong with high-quality, yet cheap water bottles!

Promotional Water Bottle

Why Buy Promotional Water Bottles?

All this effort is worth it in the long run. The projected value of the reusable water bottle market is expected to reach $11 billion by 2025. People love water bottles because they can be trendy enough for Instagram, and as an added bonus, help with daily water intake!

Just look at the metal water bottles pictured here! Charlotte Lipp, owner of Charlotte's Cakes in Springfield, Illinois, used them to raise awareness about her new business. Next to her delicious cupcakes and wedding cakes, these water bottles are now one of the store's bestsellers!

Are you ready to shop for promotional water bottles in bulk? Quality Logo Products® is only one call or email away!

Phone: (866) 312-5646


Promotional bottle

I can do more advertising and reach more people. I love these water bottles because they're something people can have in their hands from my business.

Charlotte Lipp, owner of Charlotte's Cakes in Springfield, IL

The Bottom Line

Phew - you've just learned a lot about customized water bottles! Hopefully you feel ready to order something truly incredible. Water bottles are one of the best custom gifts out there, so have fun with the process!

Quality Logo Products are experts on all things printed and promotional. Let our team of awesome, incredibly good looking, and fun promo nerds help you select awesome promotional swag today!

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Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products. As a promo expert, she's uncovered the world's first custom tote bag, interviewed the guy behind rock band ACDC's logo, and had a piece published by the Advertising Specialty Institute, a leader in the promotional products industry.


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