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Where is My Design Printed? Clothing & T-Shirt Imprint Locations

Alyssa Mertes

Published: March 4th, 2022

Are you ordering custom t-shirts, pants, or jackets? If so, it's important to know a thing or two about imprint areas. The factories that print your clothing will add the custom design to a specific area. This location varies from item to item.

Do you want to know exactly where your design is going to be printed? Check out this guide, which breaks down the print location for imprinted t-shirts and other clothing items.

What Are Custom T-Shirts?

Custom t-shirts are ordered by teams, bands, nonprofits, and businesses, primarily as branded merch their fans can buy. These shirts are also popular for live events. Each custom tee is printed with some kind of text or design.

Where Are T-Shirt Imprint Locations?

For t-shirts, you can print your custom design in 7 different locations. Most of the time only 1 print area is included in the cost for a bulk order, but you can always add extra if needed.

T-shirt imprint locations include:

Front of t-shirt

The entire front

Back of t-shirt

The entire back

Orange sweatshirt

Across the chest

T-shirt on beach

Across the top back

T-shirt on beach

Front pocket (usually on the right side of the shirt)

Short sleeve t-shirt

Short sleeve (one sleeve or both)

Long sleeve t-shirt

Long sleeve (one sleeve or both)

The size of the graphic will vary depending on the shirt size, cut (men's, women's, or youth), and the t-shirt imprint location. For example, if you're printing on the entire front of the shirt, the graphic will be about 11" x 12.5".

What Are Custom Polo Shirts?

polo shirts mobile

Do you have a trade show or promotional event around the corner? Your team will look legitimate if everyone wears custom polo shirts. The stiff collar and buttons are more professional than loose t-shirts or tank tops.

polo shirts desktop

Where Are Polo Shirt Imprint Locations?

polo shirts desktop

The logo or design on custom polo shirts is usually smaller than it is on printed t-shirts and jackets. For both men's and women's fits, this design will appear on the right front pocket area.

polo shirts desktop

Why is the design printed on the front pocket for custom polo shirts? Easy! It's because you don't want your imprint to interfere with the buttons that come down the middle.

people in sweatshirts

What Are Custom Hoodies?

During the fall or winter, custom hoodies make great merchandise for theme parks, bands, and outdoor events. You can order pullovers or sweatshirts that zip open and closed.

Where Are Hoodie Imprint Locations?

Your logo or design will be printed on the front, back, or sleeves of custom hoodies. It really just depends on what the factories specify and whether or not your sweatshirts pull over or have zippers.

Hoodie imprint locations include:

Person in hoodie

Front center

Back of t-shirt

Back of hoodie

front of hoodie with pockets

On the pocket

Pink hoodies

Across the chest

Close up of hoodie

Across the top back

side hoodie


2 people in hoodies


The front center of the hoodie is the most noticeable area to print, but a design on the sleeve, back, or pocket can look stylish as well. You really can't go wrong no matter which route you choose!

What Are Custom Jackets?

People in zip up hoodies mobile

If you have more money to spend on custom clothing, it's not a bad idea to use it on jackets! This warm, cozy apparel is sure to fly off the racks at places like college bookstores, ski resorts, and hiking trails.

People in zip up hoodies desktop

Where Are Jacket Imprint Locations?

Your custom design is printed on the left or right side of the jacket's zipper or buttons. The print won't be as large as it is on custom t-shirts or pullover hoodies.

Jacket imprint locations include:

Person in front of house

Right pocket

2 people in jackets

Left pocket

Person in orange jacket


Person in hat and jacket


These imprint locations also apply to quarter zip or half zip pullovers. The print area is about the size of a small front pocket, so don't be overly detailed with your design.

What Are Custom Hats?

Person in hat

There are many different types of hats, and each one can be printed with a design or logo. Custom hats are wonderful for sports leagues, non-profits, bands, and retail stores.

Person in hat

Where Are Hat Imprint Locations?

The design on baseball caps, bucket hats, and visors is typically printed on the crown or middle front. For custom beanies, the print is on the bottom or underneath so it's visible when folded up.

Hat imprint locations include:


Middle front

Bottom or underneath


No matter which type of hat you choose, your design will cover a majority of the space. It'll always be easy to notice!

Can You Change the Imprint Location on Custom Clothing?

people on couch

No, you cannot change the imprint location. The factories that print your custom clothing have certain restrictions from the machines they're using. They specify the imprint area ahead of time, and once it's set, it can't be altered.

people on couch
Clothing design

The Bottom Line

The main thing to remember when ordering custom clothing is that the imprint location is always different. Ultimately, the factories set this area ahead of time to make sure your design looks as amazing as possible. Do your homework before you order so there are no surprises!

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Alyssa Mertes

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