How are Sticky Notes Made?

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

Published: May 11th, 2020

Sticky note pads might not be the most glamorous promotional product (we're pretty sure that's the Celestial Gold Clock), but they do offer the trifecta of affordability, usability, and recurring brand impressions. So where did the sticky note come from?

How did it become the promotional product rock star it is today? We explore the fabulous world of these workplace favorites and how they've managed to stick with us over time.

The Humble History of Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes, often referred to by their brand name of Post-It notes, are a staple in just about every office across the country. Their invention, however, was a great and happy accident. In 1968, 3M was working on developing a super strong adhesive to be used in the aerospace industry to build planes. Instead of the projected super adhesive, they created a weaker adhesive they affectionately named Acrylate Copolymer Microspheres.

In the early days of ACM's existence, it was thought to be too weak to be useful. It had the notable qualities, though, of being peeled easily from any surface it stuck to without leaving sticky residue and also being reusable for a number of sticks. After some head scratching and experimentation, 3M decided to try using this adhesive as the backing of small pieces of paper that could be stuck to different things like books and bulletin boards. And people have been doing just that ever since.

The Reign of Sticky Notes in the Promotional Product Kingdom

You've probably already noticed, but there are countless personalized promotional products being used by all kinds of businesses. Promotional products run the gamut from personalized pens and tote bags to day planners and flash drives.

In general, promotional products are helpful when they provide long-term exposure for your business. Advertising methods like internet, television, and print can be pretty expensive and offer only short-term exposure for your business. Promotional products? They're the kind of personalized ad that sits on desks and gets used every day. So what makes Sticky note pads such a popular, personalized marketing choice?

Here are the top three reasons:

Cost: Sticky notes give you 25, 50, or 100 pages, all imprinted with your logo, slogan or business name, and each one of those pages costs pennies. They also come in fancy cubes that last to the edges of infinity. As far as marketing products go, sticky notes get you a lot of bang for your buck.

Customization: Pens are always going to look like pens. Sticky note pads can look like apples, keys, or cars. This means there's definitely some sticky note out there that will help you show off your brand's personality.

Consumer Use: The sticky note can be found practically everywhere. They are used to write shopping lists, to-do lists, and phone messages when people are at home. They're used to jot down meeting notes, reminders, and random doodles when people are at work.

Ways to Get People Stuck on Your Branded Sticky Notes

So maybe you're impressed with the story of sticky notes or just sold on what a great deal they are. Here are some great ways to get those notes into the world of your doodling, love note-writing, reminder-needing customers.

Trade Shows: The trade show floor is a great place to make friends. Give your new friends a gift in the form of a paper present for their home or office. The low cost and small, portable size of sticky pads makes them ideal to take on the town (to the town the trade show is happening, really –we'd be lying if we said sticky notes make a great party accessory).

Direct Mail: If you're new to town, mail your new neighbors a small, lightweight sticky pad to potential customers to grow goodwill and immediate brand impressions.

College Campuses: College is a hectic time. The homework, the group projects, the rotation of cold pizza and ramen. Help your students stay organized with their never-ending to-do lists with your university branded sticky notes.

Office Supply Closet: Get your next order of sticky notes for your office branded and in bulk! Promo products aren't just for gifting – they help provide a consistent branding image around your business. Plus, if anyone gets their sticky fingers on your stick notes and decides they need to make a home grocery list, you'll at least have the comfort of knowing your brand is getting noticed outside of the office.

Sticky notes might never make the cover of Glamour magazine, but they can make a big impression with your customers anyway. From marking textbook passages to leaving notes on the fridge to creating entire works of modern art, the sticky note is an essential (and happily humble) office staple and marketing tool.