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Minimum Font Sizes

Alyssa Mertes

Published: July 23rd, 2020

You're planning your wedding. For your big day you want to order some custom KOOZIES® imprinted with your names, the wedding date, and a cheesy quote you saw on Pinterest.

You send your artwork to your sales rep, and they tell you that everything you want printed doesn't fit in the koozie's imprint area. So that means that you can just bump down the font size on the quote, right? Changing it from a 10pt font to a 4pt font should do the trick, shouldn't it? Unfortunately, it's not always that simple.

We're going to explain everything you need to know about minimum font sizes including: what they are, why we have them, and how you can get out of the worried zone and into blissful territory!

Water bottle

What are Minimum Font Sizes?

The minimum font size is the smallest possible font you can use for the imprint area of your product. It seems like an easy solution to make the font size smaller so it'll fit in the imprint area. However, most of our factories have a minimum font size requirement designed with quality in mind. This requirement exists so that your imprint always comes out clear, readable, and visually pleasing.

If your font is smaller than our minimum requirement, you run the risk of losing small details in your imprint, especially when you use ink printing. For example, at a teeny tiny size the inside of the letter "o" could end up filled in with ink.

Minimum Font size

What is the Average Minimum Font?

The average minimum font size is 6pt, but minimum font sizes can vary based on the product material and imprint process. Items made of hard plastic or metal like pens, water bottles, and USB drives can usually be printed with the minimum 6pt font and still be legible.

Absorb Ink

Items May Absorb Ink

Soft, squishy items that will absorb a lot of ink like tote bags, KOOZIES®, and stress relievers will turn out better with a larger font like 8pt. A larger font will help eliminate any risk of the ink spreading out, which causes smaller details to be lost in the finished product.


Embroidery has More Room

Items that are decorated with embroidery like apparel and blankets require a much larger font due to the stitching process, so the minimum font size for embroidered items is on average 20pt.

Magnify koozie

Why a Minimum Font Size Requirement?

The key here is to have your logo turn out crisp and legible. What's the point of an imprinted item if you can't read what it says, right? Let's say we went ahead and printed your KOOZIES® with you contact information in 4pt font. It would end up looking something like this! Yikes!

If your imprint is any smaller than 6pt, no one will be able to read it without a magnifying glass. You must also take into account that you're looking at that 4pt font on a computer screen, where it's as crisp and clear as it gets. Unfortunately, that quote isn't going to get any easier to read after it has been screen printed.

Bubbles minimum font size

What if my font doesn't meet the minimum?

Look no further than the knowledgeable and friendly customer service team at Quality Logo Products! Our sales team and art department are very experienced and will offer suggestions for great products that will fit all of your desired imprint. So if your font is too small, or your logo seems too complicated, all you need to do is work with your sales rep, and they'll find a happy solution! The minimum fonts stated here are simply averages.

Let's Take a Look at Another Example

Take a good look at this real art proof. As you can see, the font in that crest is pretty small. The art proof even points out that smaller lines will fill and detail will be lost.

Art 100% to size. Smaller lines will fit and detail will be lost.

Now let's take a look at the final product. See how the negative space in the "O"s is slightly filled in? Notice how the negative space in the letter "R" is completely filled in? These are the risks you run if you imprint a font that doesn't meet our minimum font size requirements.

Logo with distorted lettering.
Promo tray

Your Font is in Good Hands

Contact your sales rep before you submit your artwork if you'd like to know more about the minimum font requirement for a specific item. If you have any more questions about minimum font sizes, imprint areas, or anything else related to your promotional items, don't hesitate to reach out by phone (866) 312-5646, by email, or via our live chat.

Bubbles teaching

We want your logo to look of a high quality with a clear and legible imprint. The minimum font size requirement is our way of making sure your products look good and are easy-to-read. It's about making sure you get the best possible product, every time!