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10 Products Your Customer Won't Stop Talking About!

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

Trust me: I know how amazing it feels when everyone is talking about your brand. So which promotional products are the ones most likely to make your company the name on everyone's lips? Here's an article with our top picks!

Why do companies give away promotional products? Whether they’re used as everyday advertising materials or they’re handed out at special events like trade shows and conventions, promotional giveaways are one of the most effective channels for spreading brand awareness.

10) Custom caps and hats

Thanks to baseball teams everywhere, we’re used to seeing logos printed on custom caps. And since many of us love that sporty look, we might reach for our favorite hat on a hot, sunny day or while running errands. Printing your logo on a favorite hat or cap is guaranteed to bring your business some well-deserved attention!

9) Tote Bags

If you’re looking for a giveaway that trade show attendees are sure to appreciate, look no further than a custom tote bag. Your customers will be relieved to have a place to store the advertising and informational materials they collected from other booths. Plus, this practical giveaway can be used outside of the trade show for grocery shopping, a trip to the beach, or carrying overdue books back to the library.

8) Drinkware

With our busy schedules and active lifestyles, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. We here at Quality Logo Products think it’s important to stay caffeinated, too. Chances are—your customers feel the same way. Whether they need a refreshing sip of water or an energy-boosting gulp of coffee, a custom water bottle or travel mug is the perfect way to eliminate thirst and spread brand awareness!

7) Tech Accessories

Take a look around you, at the customers in your store or the people wandering the trade show aisles. How many of them are checking their smartphones right now? You may even be reading this article on your phone or tablet. It's hard to imagine a world without our computers, cell phones, and tablets. That’s why a flash drive, touchscreen stylus, power bank, or other tech accessory is a great idea for getting your brand noticed.

6) Stress balls

From hitting every red light on your way to work to running out of hot water in the shower, the average day can be full of unwanted stress. Would you like a promotional product that, um, stresses that point? Then go for a custom stress reliever! Round stress balls are a popular choice, but you can really stand out with one in a unique shape or style. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find a stress reliever that's great for your business!

5) Games, puzzles, and toys

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing games and having fun. Plenty of adults like to cut loose, but how often does anyone think to give them a customized toy they can use at home or keep on their desks? Offer your customers a branded desktop puzzle, and they’re sure to remember you every time they need a distraction at work. Send a flying disc soaring toward your trade show prospects (carefully, of course), and you’re sure to get some attention at your booth.

4) Color changing products

Products that change color or glow in the dark hit the same sweet spot as the games and toys mentioned above. Many of us who are adults (in theory) still have the same fascination with glowing and color-changing objects that we did as kids. Why? Maybe we're just looking for any little spark of delight or maybe we're just easily amused. Either way, mood and glow-in-the-dark items are promotional products that always catch the eye. From mood pencils and stadium cups to glow in the dark bracelets and sunglasses, you can find all sorts of products that change color with a touch or that glow in the dark.

3) Custom bobble heads

Just imagine how much fun it would be to customize a bobble head to reflect your business. You can hand out bobble heads created in the image of your company logo, team mascot, or even your boss. Design yours with goofiness and fun in mind, and your customers will enjoy your product as it sits on their desk or the dashboard of their car!

2) Multi-function items

People at trade shows love all of the freebies, but they likely won't hold on to them if they think they're useless. Keep your giveaways out of the junk drawer or nearest garbage can with a multi-functional tool. Multi-function products like flashlight keychains, pill box key tags, and pen and highlighter combos serve more than one purpose, which doubles (or triples) your chances that recipients will find them valuable. A plain old key tag might not get too much attention, but a key tag that also opens a nice, cold beverage? Priceless.

1) Company Apparel

When you go to a watch a professional sport, how many hands go up when the t-shirt cannon comes out? Nearly everyone in the stadium or arena, right? Offer free t-shirts at your next trade show, and watch how many people come running to your booth. Cotton t-shirts are available in almost any color, and they feature your design splashed big and bold on the front. Embroidered jackets are also incredibly popular, and although they might be a little pricier, they tend to last much longer than other apparel.

Promotional products are great for making new connections at trade shows, showing appreciation to your established customers, and generally building awareness of your company's brand. If you haven't been getting the results you wanted with your giveaways, or you're looking for a new approach to promoting your business, then take a look at some of the products from this list. Old and new customers alike are sure to tell everyone they know about these free gifts. Get ready to become the brand that everyone's talking about!