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Promo Item Printing Processes

How are Promotional Items Printed

Welcome to one of the core courses we offer here at Promo University®: Intro to Promo Item Printing Processes, or as we like to call it, PIPP! Printing is an important part of producing promotional items. Hey, without a logo or slogan on it, a promotional product is just a product! But we know a lot of people wonder what the different printing processes involve. Whether you choose screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, or any of the other decoration options for imprinting your custom items, it's fun to watch the process unfold!

The Syllabus

Screen Printing: How Does it Work?

Screen printing is one of the most diverse decoration options Quality Logo Products offers. We can use it to put your logo on t-shirts, pens, tumblers, and more!

Emulsion: How Does it Work?

Emulsions makes use of a chemical emulsion, which looks like a messy green goop, but really is so much more!

Pad Printing: How Does it Work?

Seeing a product get pad printed is some of the most fun you'll have in the world of promotional products!

Digital Printing: How Does it Work?

Digital printing involves using computers to transfer your logo onto promotional items. Learn more about the process here!

Embroidery: How Does it Work?

Custom embroidery is so much more high-tech than sewing a design onto a garment with a needle and some thread.

Deboss: What is it?

This process involves pressing your custom design into the surface using a heavy metal stamp. Read about the process here!

Heat Press/Heat Transfer: How Does it Work?

Read on to learn about the heat press technique, also known as heat transfer. What's more interesting than high temperatures and large metal plates?

Laser Engraving: How Does it Work?

Did you know the laser engraving process can create an imprint color on your item, without using any ink? Learn why that happens and more!

Next Level Imprints with Mixed Media Printing

Learn what happens when different printing processes are used together on one item in this informative, interdisciplinary lesson!

When to Go with Embroidery Instead of Silk Screening

After you've aced the lessons on embroidery and screen printing, attend this course where you'll learn how to choose one printing process over the other!

Everything You Need to Know About Pantone Colors

Pantone is best known for their universal color matching system (PMS). The list of Pantone colors, also known as spot or solid colors, allows for consistent printing in graphic design. Pantone colors are created by trained technicians who use scientific codes developed by founder Lawrence Herbert.

Further Reading

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